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Commercial Lighting Ideas For Your Work Space

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We all know that working in natural light is best, but natural lighting is unfortunately not always available in the workplace. The next best thing to natural light is good quality, well placed electrical lighting. This is especially important when it comes to commercial lighting.

Why Is Good Lighting In The Workplace Important?

Studies have proven that good quality, well placed indoor lighting increases workers creativity and productivity, whereas poor lighting results in:

  • Employees complaining of being drowsy or tired, and having decreased energy levels
  • Dampened employee morale
  • Eyestrain
  • Headaches
  • Employees being less effective, creative, and productive
  • Harsh lighting has also resulted in employees complaining of migraines, headaches, and disturbed sleep patterns.

What Type Of Indoor Lighting Is Best For The Commercial Workplace?

Not all indoor lighting is the same, and not all lights are effective in an office environment. Experts agree that a cool blue or white light is most effective for people working or concentrating on a task, and warm yellow or orange light is best for relaxing and unwinding. An electrical technician will be able to advise you on exactly which light will best suit your need and budget, and where to place the light fixture for maximum benefit.

Most commercial lighting consists of one, or a combination of the following:

  • Direct Light

    Direct light is also described as task lighting, can be controlled, and is normally found at individual work stations. An example of direct light is an individual, fully adjustable, desk lamp.

  • Direct – Indirect Light

    Normally used in large manufacturing areas where you want to reduce glare, direct-indirect lighting fixtures are placed so that lights shine up and down. This kind of lighting provides even coverage and minimal glare.

  • Indirect Lighting

    Normally used to illuminate large office settings, indirect lighting fixtures are placed so that the light shines upwards. Indirect lighting disperses light over the whole area in a very natural manner.

  • Shielded Lighting

    Also used mainly in large office settings, shielded light fixtures are fitted with various filters, covers, or lenses. Shielded lighting also provides natural light cover over the whole area.

Neither indirect nor shielded lighting is sufficient for performing tasks, so are usually accompanied by task (direct lighting) lights at the individual work stations.

What To Look For In A Desk Lamp?

There are three vital things you need to consider with task lighting/desk lamp:​​​​​

  • The Quality Of The Light

    The ideal desk lamp has a 600-watt bulb providing 800 lumens (or not less than 500 lumens). A poor quality light may cause eye strain, headaches, and employee frustration, and will damper creativity and productivity.

  • The Size Of The Lamp

    The size of the lamp will depend on the desk space that you want to illuminate. If the desk is small, consider getting a lamp with a small base, or one that can clip on the desk or shelf. Whether the workspace is big or small, the light must cover the whole work area without being too bright or too dim.

How To Position The Desk Lamp

When positioning the desk lamp, you need to take into account whether the desk is near a window and if there is any natural light. The desk lamp must be positioned so that it complements the natural light without casting shadows. A desk lamp with a long adjustable arm can be positioned exactly where it is effective and comfortable for the user.

A general rule of thumb is:

  • If you are right-handed, place the lamp on the left so that you avoid casting a shadow and vice versa.
  • Do not place the light behind you as it will cause a glare on the computer screen.
  • Ensure that wherever you place the light, the desk and keyboard are illuminated without shadows or glare.

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