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The Effect Of Whole Home Air Infiltration Testing On Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality
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For many home owners, maintaining the air filtration system is not as important as maintaining the structural integrity of their homes. As a result, home air filtration systems and indoor air quality are neglected until health risks arise or serious equipment failure occurs. Assessing the quality of the air within and around your home is essential to protecting your family’s health. We are going to walk you through air infiltration testing and the dangers of neglecting your home air filtration system maintenance.

What is Indoor Air Quality and Why is it Important?

Indoor air quality refers to the quality of air inside and around your home or office building. The idea that air quality needs to be maintained might seem strange, but the increase in ‘closed’ living and working spaces and pollution in modern day society has resulted in decreased indoor air quality. The quality of indoor air has decreased to the point where the air outside your home is often cleaner than the air inside.

If the air quality in your home is poor, it will cause many health problems because air is not being circulated correctly. This creates a breeding ground for germs that can make your family ill. These illnesses can range from the common cold to more serious illnesses like asthma or cancer.

What is Home Air Infiltration Testing?

A home with good air quality is well insulated, energy efficient, and has sealed ducts. A home air infiltration test is a comprehensive test that examines those three aspects and more. At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, our technicians make use of specialized equipment to test your home’s air quality. Focus is placed on all the areas that transport air in and around your home. This includes more than just testing your AC filters and duct systems. Once the air pressure in your home is measured and the weaknesses in your filtration system have been identified, we can help you design an air filtration system that meets your family’s needs.

How to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

There are many ways to improve the air quality in your home, but the number of improvements needed depends on the results of your home’s air infiltration tests. In the meantime, a good place to start would be:

  • Ducts

    Regular duct cleaning can be the most effective way to improving your home’s air quality. Your ducts link all the rooms in your house and are responsible for transporting clean air in and dirty air out. If your duct system is not working correctly, it could be bringing mold, dust and pollen into your home. An experienced technician will be able to clean and seal your duct system to prevent leakage and poor air circulation.

  • Generators

    Hydrogen peroxide generators are an effective way to kill germs and sanitize your home. The generator is placed within your home’s ducts system and works by releasing hydrogen peroxide that kills germs and sanitizes the surfaces in your home. Everything from countertops to floors are within reach. This generator is particularly safe and effective because the hydrogen peroxide released is the same kind used to treat everyday cuts.

  • UV Light System

    Ultraviolet light is used in hospitals, the food industry and laboratories to sanitize instruments and prevent airborne diseases. Installing a UV light systems in your home will be as effective and can improve air quality and the condition of your family’s health. The system can reduce odor, toxins, and kill bacteria.

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