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Safer, Greener, Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality
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Your indoor air quality is important for both you and your family’s health. If you think about it, you probably spend most of your time indoors – in fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans typically spend 93% of their time inside either their homes or vehicles instead of outside in the open air. Now you may be thinking surely, I’m safe inside, far away from harmful fumes and toxic emissions? Recent scientific studies have proved otherwise.

The quality of the air you breathe inside your office, home or car can actually be much worse for your health than the air outside – almost ten times worse, according to some studies. This is because chemical pollutants, moisture and other materials are contained within a confined space, which can cause these unwanted and damaging pollutants to build-up over time due to the lack of circulation and open space.

What Factors Affect Indoor Air Quality?

There are numerous factors contributing to the quality of the air you breathe at home, but the main contributing factors are poor ventilation in and around your home, and the common household products you use day-to-day. Many of your typical household products contain hazardous toxic materials that leave small and potentially harmful particles in the air that you might breathe into your lungs, which can be detrimental to your health. Some compromising products include deodorants, scented candles, cleaning products and other aerosols.

Poor indoor ventilation is probably the largest cause of air-related health risks. Without allowing pollutants to move out of your home, they can accumulate rapidly, become more concentrated and spread to every corner of your house. Any trapped moisture, especially when its humid or hot, can encourage the growth of mold and bacteria. Long term exposure to these conditions will dramatically increase potential health-risks for yourself and your family.

What are the health risks?

Poor quality indoor air can have severely detrimental and long-lasting effects on both your physical and mental health. Some ways in which it could negatively impact your well-being include:

  • Fatigue – Inhaling these tiny particles can really damage your lungs, depending on their toxicity and abundance in the air. On top of this, you may absorb less oxygen into your lungs and feel more tired and drained as a result.

  • Increased chances of contracting an illness – breathing in these particles can increase your risk of chest infections and other respiratory problems. Some doctors believe breathing in bad air can even cause cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.

  • Upper respiratory congestion – small particles can irritate your throat and cause a build-up of mucus and sinus congestion.  Symptoms Include: Watery eyes, dizziness, headaches, tiredness, sneezing, coughing, depression, asthma, nose irritation and nausea.

What can I do to reduce these risks?

Here are some other ways in which you could take the next step to being in a cleaner, greener and ultimately safer environment:

  • Ventilation is key. Try let fresh air into your home as often as possible. Or, better yet, spend more time outside to limit your exposure.

  • Change or clean the air filters in your appliances regularly – especially in your air conditioners, vacuum cleaners or air purifiers.

  • Try to use organic, non-toxic products in your home. Avoid chemicals and pollutants from being sprayed around the room and try use natural air fresheners if you need to.

  • Keep your home clean – remove dust particles regularly.

  • Keep an eye on your home’s humidity levels. Between 35-45% is the ideal humidity, as it is not too dry but does not encourage mold either.

If you are worried about the quality of air inside of your home and how it can affect you or your family, don’t worry! Our team has got your back. Call now to find out how safe your home is, our highly qualified and professional Home Comfort Consultants will be able to fix the problem!

By using specialized equipment, our consultants will be able to tell you just how many damaging particles are within your home and the associated risks. We will also be able to provide expert advice and help you implement solutions to be certain that you and your family have the best indoor air quality. Don’t hesitate to call us for any inquiries about our products or services, because we care about your safety!


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