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What Size Portable Generator Will Run A Home?

portable home generators
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So you’ve decided to buy a portable generator to help keep the lights on during power outages. When living in South Florida, power outages due to weather storms often happen. But which size portable home generator is right for your home? How many appliances do you need to remain up and running? Here’s a look at which size generator will best suit your family’s needs.

Power Up The Essentials

The main question to consider is what part of your home you want to be powered up. If you only require a few essentials powered, then a smaller generator is perfect. You can start with a Generac 2.2KW GP2200i. This inverter generator unit is extremely portable to use around the home. And if you’re going camping, this is the perfect little generator to take on trips. Need a few smartphones and tablets powered up, this is your answer. Its small output and lightweight form make it perfect for lighter-demand appliances.

If you require a few more appliances powered up then you may need to consider a larger unit, such as the Generac IQ3500 inverter generator. This unit packs a bit more power for those essential items.

Wondering how much power your appliances use? Here’s a handy guide to help you calculate the output you need:

Coffee machine: 1000 watts

Kettle: 1200 watts

Electric oven: 1200 watts

Toaster: 850 watts

Laptop: 50 watts

Average sized fridge: 700 watts

TV: 150 watts

Electric water heater: 2000 watts

Power Up Everyday Appliances

A medium-sized unit will be able to power up a few essential appliances such as your fridge, your washing machine, coffee machine, and the TV. For these requirements, you’ll need to look at a 6.5KW system.

A great option would be the Generac GP6500 49ST. This unit offers more than enough power to run your most needed appliances for as long as you need. Its PowerRush™ Advanced Technology delivers more than 40% increased starting capacity. This will allow you to power up more for less and you’ll get over 10 hours of run time when using only 50% capacity. Why not contact your trusted electrician for more information on this generator?

Why Generac? Generac generators are preferred by 70% of homeowners who invest in backup power. With their 24/7 support line, Generac is the obvious and trusted choice.

Power Up The Whole Home

When it comes to family life, early evening time is often the busiest. Getting the kids bathed, making dinner, and lighting up your home means you’ll need a durable generator. One of your best options is the Generac XT8000EFI Portable Generator. This unit delivers the most amount of power to power all of your needed appliances.

This Generac unit also boasts idle control, which conserves fuel and reduces noise. Their outputs are smaller than permanent generators because they need to remain portable. At the end of the day, 8KW should be more than enough for your family’s needs. And remember that even the largest portable generator can be easily stored away. Why not get in a generator specialist to assess your energy demands, they will be able to advise you on the correct size portable generator for your home.

Portable Home Generators In South Florida

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