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How Long Can You Run A Whole-Home Generator?

Whole-Home Generator
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When it comes to choosing the right whole-home generator, there may be several questions that come to mind. How long can you run a whole-home generator? Are whole-home generators dependable? How much power do I need? If you are seeking answers, then you have come to the right place!

With this handy guide to whole-home generators, you’ll find that a generator can be extremely useful when used correctly.

Power Duration Of A Whole-Home Generator

Whole-home generators are designed to provide power to your home when your main power supply runs out. Naturally, power duration is an important factor to consider. There are types of generators that will differ in terms of power and duration. While some may last 8 hours, others can last 12 hours, or even several days. To estimate the power duration of your home generator, it depends on what model home generator you use, how much power your house appliances need, and how much coverage you are wanting.

Remember, everything will be an estimate, as it will depend on how much power your house needs.

How Much Power Will My Home Appliances Need?

It is important to estimate the amount of power your appliances use so that you can choose the appropriate generator. You can do this by comparing the wattage of the generator to the wattage of your appliances. This is done by calculating your electricity usage in the home to get an estimate of how much power your house requires. The more appliances you want powered, the bigger the generator you’ll need. So, deciding on the right sized home generator is also an important factor to consider!

How Much Coverage Am I Looking For With My Home Generator?

The power duration of your generator will also be affected by the amount of coverage that you are needing for your home.

There are three main types of coverage:

  1. Panel Coverage

    With this type of coverage, generators will have a predetermined number of panels. The generator has enough power to only cover a specific number of panels (i.e. the most critical ones) during a blackout. This is one of the most cost-effective coverage options.

  2. Whole-Home Coverage

    With this coverage, the generator then has the capacity to cover all of your most important appliances. This type of coverage works best for large homes with a large number of appliances. However, it will require more power so it will be more expensive than the panel coverage.

  3. Complete Coverage

    This involves large generators that are able to supply power for the entire home. It’s the most expensive type of coverage and it’s suitable for a large home or even a business.

Remember, always choose a generator that can supply more than what the appliances need because when appliances are turned on, there is usually a quick, initial surge of power that is a higher wattage than the appliance uses. For example, if you have a home hold that requires 5000 watts of power, then buy a generator that can supply more than 5500 watts. Never overload the generator or it will damage the generator and possibly even your home hold appliances.

How Long Can I Leave A Home Generator Running?

People often want to know how long a generator can last if it runs continuously.

Technically, you can run your generator for several hundred hours, but a whole-home generator is designed to be a back-up power supply, not the main source. Even if your generator is high-quality, it does not mean it won’t experience problems in the future should you run it continuously.

It’s generally a good idea to just use a generator when the power goes out not as your main power supply. It will be more expensive to keep using and replacing generators than to use a main source of power to supply electricity. Do not let any generator run for several weeks or months on end without some rest. If you keep a generator running, it will run out of gas or liquid propane, rendering it useless and possibly damaged if it tries to run without fuel. Luckily, newer models are designed to automatically shut off when the tank runs dry to prevent damage.

Is A Whole-Home Generator Dependable?

This answer is a guaranteed yes! Provided that you use your generator correctly, and have it regularly maintained, then it is very dependable!

Manufacturers will often provide warranties for about three to five years, along with extra services should you experience any problems with your generator. Most whole-home generators are designed to turn on automatically should the main power supply go off. This means that it can turn on even when you are away from home, should there be a power outage. For additional assurance, you can make use of Mobile Link™ Wi-Fi enabled technology, which enables you to oversee the condition of your generator from anywhere on the globe! Simply using a smartphone, computer, or tablet to easily obtain information and check for maintenance alerts. In this way, you can handle anything and prevent any disasters from happening. A generator is especially something to depend on during hurricane season.

If you are needing some backup during these stormy months, then contact Art Plumbing, AC & Electric. We can help you install a new whole-home generator and ensure that it’s in good working order. You can rest easy knowing that you will be prepared for whatever power outages come your way. Call us at 1-800-475-1504 to schedule an appointment with one of our Home Comfort Specialists today!


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