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Get The Facts On Home Generators

Home Generators
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Do you live in Florida? If so, then you know you can never be too prepared when it comes to hurricane season. Or any heavy rainstorm, period. One of the ways you can prepare your home is with a home generator. This will enable you to still use electricity and keep your appliances running if a storm causes a power outage. Home generators have lots of benefits. The main one being the convenience to live somewhat normally in the midst of bad weather. They also save lives; helping those who depend on medical equipment that require electricity.

Read on for more reasons why you should consider a home generator, and how to use them safely.

Generators Save Money On Your Utility Bills

Besides not having to deal with spoiled food or an interrupted Netflix binge, home generators can help you save money on your electric bill. Because your electric bill is issued by a utility company, using an independent source of electricity from a generator means not using utility power. In other words, there’s no meter running on the power you’re using, so you can’t be charged for it.

A portable generator runs on gasoline, while others run on diesel, propane, or natural gas. There are also duel or tri-fuel generators to create electricity when the power lines are down.

How To Safely Use A Home Generator

For starters, never plug your generator into your home wiring via an electric outlet. What happens if the equipment that isolates a generator’s power from the power lines is not installed correctly? Essentially, your generator can feed electricity back to the power lines. This is extremely dangerous. Plug appliances you want powered into the generator’s outlets. Nowhere else.

Is Your Generator Installed Properly?

A properly installed generator will energize the building’s wiring. It does this by connecting to the electric system. This will require a special switch called a “double-throw transfer,” isolating the generator’s power while you’re using it. This switch is an important safety feature. It prevents back feeding into the energy system. It also keeps the power from re-energizing your wiring while the generator is in use. This feature protects one of two things. Firstly, the generator and the wiring. Secondly, it protects your appliances from damage when the power comes back on.

If you don’t have extensive knowledge and experience in electric work, leave this to the professionals. Even if you already own a permanently installed generator, it’s still worth calling an electrician. You want to make sure it’s been properly installed. Consequently, any injuries or damages that occur from an improperly installed generator are the responsibility of the homeowner. This means you can never be too careful.

Home Generators In South Florida

Whole-home generators can last for weeks, providing power to your entire home (as the name implies). The only thing predictable about Florida storms is that they will happen. Give you and your family peace of mind during hurricane season. Having a generator also means your appliances continue running. This means no wasted food from your refrigerator. Additionally, you keep the ability to use lights and any medical devices that depend on electric power.

The electricians at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can do the job. They’re well-equipped and boast years of experience! They help you maintain power with extensive generator services. Specifically, Art sells, installs, and repairs Generac generators. This includes both standby and portable generator models. Furthermore, we have been proudly servicing the electrical needs of South Florida residents since 1983. You can always count on Art to help you weather any storm! For questions or to learn more about our generator selection, give us a call at 1-800-475-1504.


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