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5 Practical Uses For Standby Generators

Standby Generators
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You may think that standby generators aren’t necessary for everyday living and it’s likely because of one of the reasons below:

  • A generator is a waste of money.
  • Ongoing maintenance costs are too expensive.
  • Generators are so loud and bulky.
  • What would I use it for?

Well, we’re here to tell you folks—generators are becoming basic commodities for many homes and businesses throughout South Florida and beyond. With unreliable power grids during excessively stormy months, standby generators are in fact growing in popularity!

1. Power Homes During or After a Hurricane

Living in South Florida comes with its share of occasional natural disasters. We can’t foresee when the next hurricane may roll in, but we can make sure we’re equipped for it. Hurricanes and severe thunderstorms can knock the power off for days on end.

In 2017, Hurricane Irma cut power to 6.7 million electricity customers in Florida. 100,000 of these customers were still without power nine days later! This is where a generator shines, folks. Whether you need to power appliances, your entire home, or simply charge a few phones, a generator will save the day.

2. Standby Power for Hospitals

Being able to maintain power in hospitals and clinics is always important, especially in the event of a hurricane or natural disaster. If the power supply is interrupted, the implications can be catastrophic.

Hospitals rely on power to run diagnostic tests, perform surgeries, administer treatments and medications, and feed patients–just to name a few. Commercial generators make it possible for doctors, nurses, and staff to carry on taking care of patients no matter what Mother Nature has planned.

3. Keep the Kitchen Open

In 2022, the majority of businesses rely on grid power for their day-to-day operations and restaurants are no exception. Even a small power outage can lead to your entire kitchen shutting down, resulting in a potential substantial loss in food costs.

A standby generator is the best way to protect your profits in the event of a power outage. Even a few hours a year can cost you a small fortune in revenue. It’s time to get a generator specialist to advise you on the right setup for your restaurant.

4. Keep Schools Up & Running

Even with all the technology meteorologists have, we can still be surprised by the weather. If a storm knocks out power to schools, students and teachers are literally left in the dark. Generators are relied on in many schools, from preschools to colleges because it enables them to be prepared for the unexpected.

5. Emergency Back-Up for Traffic Lights

When you’re trying to evacuate from a hurricane, the last thing you need is an even bigger disruption in the flow of traffic. Many cities and municipalities use standby generators to power traffic signals in the event of severe weather and outages to ensure driver safety while trying to leave the impacted area.

The Generator People in Coral Springs

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