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What Are Thermal Electrical Inspections

thermal electrical inspections
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Thermal electrical inspections will involve surveying all possible electrical components and circuits throughout your home using our thermal-imaging digital camera to detect any potential hazards or locate any problems. Through this inspection, our Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric licensed technicians will be able to investigate and identify any potential issue within your electrical circuitry.

Depending on the electrical distribution of your home, we may scan the following:

  • Fuse Boards or Distribution Boards
  • Battery Systems
  • Control Systems and Control Panels
  • PLC Connections and more
  • Switchboards & Switch Panels
  • Junction Boxes and Terminal Connections
  • Power Factor Correction Systems & Controls
  • Electrical & Electronic Components

If you are unsure about what your home electrical circuit contains, take a look at our blog on types of home wiring.

Why Do We Need Thermal Inspections?

The electrical systems in your homes need to be regularly checked and maintained to prevent any possible fire hazards or other electrical problems from occurring. Electrical wiring that overheats has the potential to spark a flame, which is often the main cause for a house fire. Electrical components can even become hot enough to melt, causing more damage. Any unwanted excess heat (even if it is not heated to a dangerous level) will also result in ‘cost damage’, as these wires will be consuming more electricity – inflating your electricity bill! Old homes are especially at risk, as they are more likely to have old and fraying wires in the electrical circuits. These will be susceptible to overheating and increase the chances to spark a flame. If you move into a new home, it is important to check that the electrical circuits have no issues or danger-zones (areas where a potential overheating problem may occur) before settling in. In general, any home should have a regular thermal electrical inspection, as the electrical circuits may start to develop problems over time that come from general aging/wear and tear, or damage from animals such as rats chewing on wires. At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric we can help prevent any problems through these regular inspections.

How Does Thermal Imaging Work?

Thermal imaging is used to identify any electrical heating problems that the naked eye can’t see. Humans are unable to see if a circuit is overheating just by looking at it, and so the thermal imaging method can tell us how hot an electrical circuit really is. This is why these inspections are necessary, as you might be living in a home with a hazardous electrical circuitry and not even realize it! Abnormal heating is associated with a high electrical consumption: the hotter the wire, the more electricity is being consumed. This imaging method captures the level of electrical consumption by using a hand-held, digital thermal imaging camera. The thermal images are captured and projected as a digital one onto the screen to be viewed by our electricians. On the digital screen, the higher temperatures will show in colors of orange, yellow, and white, whereas colder temperatures will show as blues and purples. Thermal imaging gives us an advantage in that it can detect potential problems without needing to isolate or manipulate circuits in the electrical distribution system. It can view wiring through walls and floors as well, and so it is non-invasive or intrusive.

Now that you know all about thermal electrical inspections, give us a call and plan your next inspection! Thousands of South Floridians have trusted and counted on the knowledgeable experts at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric for prompt and reliable service. We also have preventative maintenance programs for your home too and do our best to ensure that your home will be safe!


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