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Tips From An Electrical Company For National Cut Your Energy Costs Day!

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It’s finally here! National Cut Your Energy Costs Day has arrived and you may want to take notes! As an electrical company, we are excited to offer you tips to help you save money.

Some of the most expensive bills you pay are your utility bills for heating and cooling, but we all know it’s nearly impossible to live in Florida without an HVAC system in place. Florida’s summer heat is dreadful not only for you but also for your wallet. This initiative is a great way for you to cut costs without cutting comfort out of your life.

So, let an elite electrical company like the team at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric make your year a little better with a few handy tips to help you reduce your energy costs.

The Best Ways To Celebrate Today

The quickest and most efficient way for you to start saving on your energy costs would be to have a professional, reliable electrician assess your home. You don’t want to avoid any spots or areas that could be problematic. A professional electrician will be able to accurately assess any areas that need repairs or replacements and guide you to find the perfect balance between comfort and energy savings.

Installing a Thermostat

When summer hits, you tend to blast your AC but making use of a programmable thermostat will ensure that your AC keeps the room at a constant temperature, and only when you need it. It’s a terrible feeling to come home to a hot and stuffy residence and wait for the AC to kick in, and it’s a waste to leave your AC running when nobody is home to enjoy it.

With a programmable thermostat, you can set your air conditioning system to switch on or off during certain times of the day.

Energy Friendly Appliances

Each year new appliances are released with higher energy star ratings. These appliances need to meet strict government standards to be ranked as a high-quality energy-efficient product.

While you don’t need to go out and buy new appliances each year, it is important to think about replacing appliances that are more than 10 years old. Your old fridge, freezer, washers, and other electrical appliances may be taking a toll on your energy bill. Older appliances were not made to the strict energy-efficient standards that we have today.

An extra tip would be to switch off appliances that you aren’t using. Even though your TV, DVD player, coffee pot, or even printer is “off,” it’s still drawing electrical power while idle. You could consider plugging all of these appliances into a power strip that you can conveniently switch off, especially if you’re going away for an extended period of time. Remember to unplug idle phone chargers and other appliances while not in use.


We all love a well-lit home but simply replacing your incandescent lightbulbs and other fixtures with energy star rated lights will make a huge difference.

While these types of lightbulbs may be a little bit more expensive to purchase, they can save approximately 70% more energy and last longer than incandescent lightbulbs!

Dimmers are also a great addition to any home, aside from being able to create the perfect mood lighting, dimmers also save energy and prolong the lifespan of lightbulbs.

Why Does Saving Energy Matter?

Nobody wants to pay high utility bills for no reason. Especially if you could make use of that money in other ways. An added bonus is that cutting back on your energy costs also helps save the planet.

Sustainable use of energy resources means that fewer carbon emissions enter the earth’s atmosphere. A professional electrician may suggest the installation of an energy management system that lets you keep track of your monthly energy usage and allows you to modify your usage to help lower your utility bills.

If you want to make a positive mark on the planet and save money while doing so, call the expert team at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric at 1-800-475-1504 to find out how you can make a difference!


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