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Is It Time For An Electrical Panel Replacement?

Electrical panel replacement
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Every home in the US has an electrical panel, but how much do we know about them? Although they are hard and are built to last between 25-40 years, they are not designed to be unbreakable. When something goes wrong, does this mean you have to replace all the electrical wiring in your home or can you just do an electrical panel replacement? Here are some of the signs that may mean your electrical panel needs replaced, why that would be beneficial to your household, and how to handle it.

Signs That You Should Have An Electrical Panel Replacement

  1. Repeatedly Tripping/Failure Of Circuit Breakers

    Circuit breakers work to protect appliances from short circuits and the overall system from being overloaded. Over time, basic wear and tear on the panel makes it more likely to allow power surges through the system, causing the circuits to disconnect more frequently. If you have to reset your breakers more than twice a week, it is time to call in an electrician to have a closer look. The circuit breakers themselves can simply be replaced as a full replacement is not always necessary in circuit breaker failure. Regular tripping and circuit overloaded is a strong sign that the full panel will need to be replaced.

  2. Dim Or Flickering Indoor Lights

    Unless you have a dimmer installed, your lights’ brightness should not be variable. Excessive flickering or changes in the brightness could indicate a wiring problem, a problem with your electrical panel or issues with your utility company – especially after a major storm or harsh winds. If you notice the dimming or flickering occurring in conjunction with the use of other appliances, this strongly suggests a problem with your electrical panel. Call in a licensed electrician to confirm the problem and replace the electrical panel.

  3. Hot Electric Panel

    This implies any sign of overheating: burnt smells, black spots, obviously burned areas on the electrical panel, strange noises like steam or hissing, or a very hot electrical panel. These are clear signs that the panel needs to be replaced as an overheating system could cause a fire. You should contact your local professional electrician to inspect the wiring within the electrical panel and assess for the need for replacement.

  4. Outdated Electric Panel

    An outdated electrical panel may not be equipped to deal with the electrical load of modern homes given the technological advancements. Apart from the reduced capacity, certain designs from back in the day lack the safety features included in more modern-day designs, putting you at risk for damage to your health and your property. If your property still has an old fuse box instead of an electrical panel, you need a replacement as they are ineffective and unsafe. If you are worried about an old electrical panel, call in an electrician to discuss the process for replacement straight away.

  5. Excessive Extension Cord/Power Strip Usage

    If you have ever had multiple extension cords, adapters, or outlets in your home, you may need to consider upgrading your electrical panel. The increased strain may not be compensated for by an older or damaged electrical panel; increased levels of usage may cause further damage to the electrical panel. An upgrade will allow you to manipulate the wiring so that each circuit can run to independent outlets. This increases your energy efficiency and minimizing your fire risk.

Benefits To Upgrading Electrical Panel

  1. Safety

    The biggest benefit of upgrading your electrical panel is the reduced fire risk secondary to overloaded circuits. This means that you can be assured that you, your family and your home are safe from fires caused by a faulty electrical panel.

  2. Performance

    An upgraded panel also grants you peace of mind as it ensures that your appliances and electronic devices are protected from overloaded circuits and power urges. Upgrade systems are also designed better so that more power can be supplied more efficiently; it allows for clean wiring and safety precautions to be installed.

  3. Construction

    Upgrading your electrical panel is convenient during times of construction. Not only do you have the freedom to run wires as you need them to be run but you also increase the value of your home.

If you are worried about the state of your electrical panel or are planning on doing renovations and would like to upgrade your electrical panel, call in Art Plumbing, AC and Electric to have a look today. You will be guaranteed professional, quality service for all your electrical needs.


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