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The Benefits Of A Whole Home Surge Protector?

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Have you ever had your home’s electrical system damaged by a storm? It’s a common occurrence in Florida, where heavy rain and hurricanes are all but guaranteed. In addition to water and wind damage, there is also the risk of power surges from lightning. But not all power surges are easily detectable; you may not see sparks flying or hear anything out of the ordinary. Some outages happen so quickly, you may not even know that they happened.

Most people’s homes experience a small number of power surges daily – but even the small ones can cause damage to your electrical system and anything that is plugged in. The most effective way to protect your electronics and save money, in the long run, is by using what’s called a whole home surge protector.

Why Power Surges Happen

Power surges can happen in many places outside your home, particularly during overvoltages, or fast electrical transients. This can happen when utility lines are being worked on, or during power grid switching. But they can also happen from inside the home, when you turn your appliances off. Larger power surges tend to happen during intense weather and can sometimes cause a lot of damage if you aren’t prepared.

Even small or infrequent home power surges can cause wear on tear on your electrical system, which can shorten the amount of time they were designed to last. Fortunately, whole-home surge protectors safeguard your home and your electrical appliances.

Protect Your Electronics And Electrical System

Whole home power surge protection is your best protection against damage from power surges. Surge protectors use what’s called metal oxide varistors to stop power surges when they happen. They are typically connected to your electrical service box but stored in an easily accessible location. A trained electrician will be able to install surge protection in your home, as well as ensure that it’s working properly over time.

Why Whole-Home Surge Protection Is A Worthwhile Investment

If you have an older home, your voltage service may need to be updated and checked to accommodate new technological advances. The average home doesn’t tend to get surges more powerful than 10kA, but you can choose from a range of options to protect against power surges that are larger in size. Our electricians can explain the benefits of different types, as well as the warranties that come with each.

Protection For Your Electric System

Whole-home surge protection is designed to essentially “send back” the surges when they occur. They’ll go back through the panel break and stop, protecting your electrical equipment, which thus prevents the possibility of burnout or house fires. With surge protector guards, every outlet in your house is protected.

Most Power Surges Are Internal

Typically, power surges don’t last very long. They tend to come from the appliances in your home (refrigerator, television, etc.). When these transient surges are small, they don’t cause much damage, if any at all. It’s when they happen over time that the performance of your appliances can start to decrease.

Electric Protection You Can Trust

Electricity is vital to our daily lives – especially with so many of us working from home on our computers during the pandemic. The electricians at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric have been trusted by South Florida residents since 1983. Our professional service allows you to rest easy, knowing your home and your appliances are in good hands. From installing generators, general maintenance, electrical repairs, electrical safety inspections, or other related services, we’re here to help. For questions or to get a quote for a service, call us today at 1-800-475-1504.


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