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Specialty Lighting Safety Tips For The Festive Season

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Electrical overloads are part and parcel of the festive season, no doubt due to specialty lighting and all the other ways we like to bring festive cheer to the December holiday season. That said, decorating the interiors and exteriors of our homes over the holidays can add excess pressure onto our electrical systems. Let’s explore how we can still spread that holiday spirit without impacting our electrical systems and overloading our electrical circuits at home and in our office spaces.

Don’t Plug All The Lights Into One Circuit Or Outlet

One sure way to be confronted with an overloaded circuit is to have all of your electrical devices plugged into one circuit. The poor guy is bound to get burnt out. Spread the holiday cheer and strategically plug in your specialty lights at different points around your property. If your circuit overloads, the first thing you should do is unplug some items and move them from the overloaded circuit.

Install Circuit Breakers

Another sure-fire way to avoid overloaded circuits this festive season is to install circuit breakers or plug your lights into power strips that have built-in protection against power surges. That way, if your circuit is overloaded, you won’t be left completely in the dark.

Make Use Of Energy-Efficient Lights

Festive season lights are household items that really only get hauled out once a year, so it makes sense that every year the set that has been serving us well for the past decade gets put up again and again. That said, these old lights are often not energy efficient. While it may seem like an expense now, you’ll be thanking yourself in years to come when your festive season lights are actually saving you money. This is the best time to invest in energy efficient, low-wattage specialty lighting options such as LED globes.

Turn Lights Off When You’re Not Home

As much as we want to share festive cheer day in and day out over the holiday season, it’s really not necessary. Turn your festive season lights off when you’re not home, during the day when they’re harder to see, and especially at night when you go to bed. Remember, everyone else is probably sleeping, too, and we’re sure Santa has his own set of lights to guide his way! If that seems like too much of a mission for you, why not invest in timers that will turn your lights on and off for you?

Install Outdoor Outlets For Your Holiday Lights

This is probably the number one solution for your festive season specialty lighting woes. If you install outdoor outlets for your holiday lights, you are taking the pressure off the circuits in your home.

While festive season specialty lights are meant to bring added cheer to your lives, it’s important to remember that you are still dealing with electricity which can be a safety hazard when not handled correctly. If you’re not sure how to go about testing your circuits or installing outdoor outlets, get a professional in to do the job. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric has a team of indoor/outdoor lighting experts who can also install electrical safety systems and who are adept at electrical wiring. Get in touch with Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric for all your specialty lighting needs this festive season.


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