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Power Surges and Commercial Surge Protection

Commercial Surge Protection
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Suddenly your office or retail space is in darkness and silence. The lights, AC, and computers are off. You rush around trying to figure out what happened while panicking about the unsaved computer data and the clients you’re losing with each moment without electricity. If you had invested in commercial surge protection, you wouldn’t have been left in the dark.

A power surge arises when an abnormally high electrical voltage hits an electrical circuit. While this surge usually only lasts for a few microseconds, it can cause serious damage to any electrical equipment. This makes power surges a big concern. Commercial power surges can cause thousands of dollars in damage if you don’t have the necessary protection measures in place. In this article, we go through everything you need to know about this all-too-common hazard and how you can protect your devices, systems and your business from them. Our skilled and licensed electricians are here to ensure your property and valuables are shielded from costly power surges.

What Causes Power Surges?

Despite their short duration, power surges (or transient voltages) pack a punch. The higher than usual voltage can be caused by an oversupply from sources such as generators or mains supplies. They can be caused by various faults such as those involving equipment or load switching. When this high voltage reaches your equipment and appliances, the results can be detrimental and dangerous. Large equipment that requires a great deal of power such as HVAC systems or elevators can trigger a surge when they switch on and off.

Why Should You be Concerned About Power Surges?

Power surges can leave a lasting impact on your business, leading to costly company downtime, loss of data, and money spent on replacing or repairing valuable equipment. Power surges are also a worry for homeowners but, for business owners, the stakes are much higher. They carry costly and dangerous consequences for systems such as AC, security and fire devices, elevators, and large-scale machinery. Moreover, your insurance won’t necessarily cover repair and replacement costs. Power surge protection usually needs to be an added component in your insurance plan.

In addition to damaging your devices and systems, transient voltages can ruin your electrical outlets and start electrical fires. Power surges are unavoidable and often out of your control. But what you can control is the level of protection you have for your valuable equipment and appliances. Find a commercial electrician to ensure that your property is protected from this common danger and that you are left with stable, uninterrupted power.

Business Surge Protection

Whether you own a small family business or a multinational corporation, installing a commercial electrical safety system is essential. When it comes to electrical surge protection, you have a few choices and a licensed electrician will offer advice and install the best option for your situation and needs. They ensure that your equipment and property are safe, regardless of inevitable power fluctuations and they regulate the flow of power to provide risk-free electrical usage.

A surge protection device can be installed directly onto your electrical meter or panel. It serves to prevent and divert excessively high voltage above a certain threshold that may be supplied to an electric device in the case of a surge. Surge protectors should be installed where power initially enters your building to act as a guard against external issues before they get to your valuable devices. We suggest that they are also added to particularly sensitive equipment. An indicator light is essential as it lets you know whether the device is working correctly.

Surge protection devices do not provide a backup power source. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a key to business surge protection. As soon as it detects power fluctuations or surges, the UPS will kick in and deliver immediate backup power. It protects your equipment (such as computers and their treasured data) and provides reliable, stable power.

Surge protection is not an expensive investment, especially when you consider how much it can help you by preventing company downtime and costly damage to your electrical equipment and devices. In the long run, this protection will save money and give you peace of mind.

If your business depends on any sort of electrical equipment, devices or systems (as most do in the 21st century), commercial surge protection is non-negotiable. Be proactive and prevent issues before they strike. For a trustworthy and licensed South Florida electrical company, look no further than Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric. Call us today at 1-800-475-1504 for reliable electrical services and power surge protection.


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