Art's 5 Top Pool Lighting Design Ideas And Tips
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Pool Lighting Tips & Tricks

Pool Lighting
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Your pool is a perfect place in your home for entertaining, exercise or simply relaxing. When the sun sets, a creatively lit pool adds an extra dimension of ambiance and beauty. Functionally, pool lighting is a must for safe night time swimming. While lighting a pool is essential for safety, it doesn’t mean that you have to settle for boring. With a little creativity and help from Art Plumbing, AC & Electric, your swimming pool lighting can transform your entire outdoor area after dark.

5 Ways To Light Your Pool

Here is a list of Art’s favorite ways to light your pool…

  1. Color That Glows

    A colored bulb or lens in your pool light is a simple way to change the mood of your outdoor space, flooding the area in the color of your choice. You don’t have to limit yourself to a single light, or even just one color. Gone are the days of lighting being purely functional. Our Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric lighting technicians will work with you to create a breathtaking multi-layered light scene that will match the ambiance you want to create. Colored lighting can also be matched to the color of your event, or enhance the mood you would like to create.

  2. Divide & Color

    Instead of layering the lighting in your pool, you can use different colors to highlight each separate section. For example, the stairs, kiddie pool, or seating area can all be lit up in their own color which will complement the overall look of the pool, yet still lend an individual atmosphere to each area.

  3. Staying Afloat

    If you need a quick solution to a dimly lit pool area or want to light an above-ground pool, floating lights might be the ideal choice for your pool area. When selecting your floating pool lights, make sure you find ones that are properly waterproof and well constructed that won’t break easily.

  4. Out, Not In: Paving Lighting

    Additional lighting around your pool goes a long way to prevent accidents and injuries from slipping or tripping. Pathway lights along the edge of your pool area will make night-time swimming much safer. Not to mention, it also looks pretty darn cool.

  5. Up & Over: Hanging Lights

    Hanging lights such as string lights, or bistro lights are a quick way to add a festive feel to an outdoor area. You can use them to provide light for walkways, your pool area, and your patio. They can be strung up in any shape or pattern and are a flexible, short term solution for a special occasion.

5 Top Pool Lighting Tips

Here is a list of Art’s favorite pool lighting tips…

  1. Don’t Limit Yourself To One Light

    A single light installed in the deep end is pretty standard for most pool installations, but there’s no reason to limit yourself to one. Depending on the size of the pool, multiple lights can be installed that will change the look of your pool and the surroundings at the flick of the switch.

  2. Aim Lights Strategically For Effect

    To eliminate shadows, use two lights opposite each other. This will remove light-banding and give your pool a flawless glow.

  3. Aim Lights For Comfort

    Avoid positioning lights that shine directly at seating areas so as not to shine in people’s eyes.

  4. The Effect Of Pool Color

    There is a vast array of pool lining and tiling colors available to choose from when installing a pool. You will need to adjust your lighting design according to the color of your pool. Lighter colors reflect light, giving you an overall brighter effect. Darker colors absorb the light, dulling the glow and giving a dimmer, muted effect. Matching your pool lighting to the interior lighting of your home can also create a soothing symmetry.

  5. Good Quality Pool Lighting Is An Investment Worth Making

    Getting the best quality lighting possible right from the start is a smart way of avoiding the extra expense of repairs, replacements or upgrades in the future.

Transform Your Outdoors Using Creative Pool Lighting

Your imagination and an electrician from Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical is the perfect choice to show off your outdoor area in a whole new light. From automatic light sensors to complete outdoor lighting installations and light landscaping, we’ve got what you need. Call Art today at 1-800-475-1504 for all your outdoor lighting needs.


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