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Let’s Talk Ground Faults

Ground Faults
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Ground faults are a common and dangerous problem if you don’t take the correct measures to protect yourself and your home. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is an essential device that must be installed in any home. In this article, we explain what a ground fault is, and what you can do to ensure your safety by installing a GFCI outlet. This can be a dangerous process and you should not try this yourself. A reliable and licensed electrician from Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can diagnose any electrical issues you may be experiencing, and safely and professionally install a GFCI outlet.

What Is A Ground Fault?

A ground fault occurs when an electric path is unintentionally created between the source of electricity and a grounded wire or another surface. A potential indication of a ground fault occurs if your circuit breaker keeps tripping, even when you reset it.

Ground faults must be repaired ASAP. This is especially important if they occur in rooms with moisture such as a bathroom, laundry room or kitchen as the situation can turn dangerous in an instant. You are required to have GCFI outlets in these areas. Damp environments are particularly susceptible to ground faults. Ground faults can also be a result of deteriorating insulation or old appliances. Contact a reliable and knowledgeable electrician for the required electrical repairs and for peace of mind.

Advantages Of Installing GFCI Outlets

The NEC (National Electrical Code) requires ground fault circuit interrupters to be installed on numerous devices in your home, such as in outdoor areas, bathrooms, and kitchens. The more GFCIs, the merrier!

A GCFI is an inexpensive device that prevents ground faults and protects your home from any damage that they might cause. As soon as it detects a ground fault (via a change in electrical current), a GCFI will turn off the power for the target appliance or device. The GCFI responds almost instantly when it senses any changes in electric currents. It trips its built-in mini circuit and cuts the power, which can prevent any damage that a ground fault might have caused to you or your appliance.

GFCIs offer a variety of benefits. A regular outlet isn’t capable of monitoring changes in electrical currents, meaning that that current will still be sent to an affected device or appliance. As a result, if you come into contact with the device or appliance, you risk getting shocked or electrocuted. This is particularly worrying if you have babies or children in the home who like to explore and touch items in your home.

In addition to guarding against electrical shocks, GFCI outlets can prevent electrical fires which might be started by irregular flows of electrical current. These devices also protect your electrical appliances which might otherwise be permanently damaged by the electrical currents caused by a ground fault.

GFCI outlets are essential investments and are required in your home, especially for outlets that may be near water. Ground faults are commonly caused by exposure to moisture, but they may also be a result of an overloaded circuit, dust, general wear and tear, or old appliances. GFCI outlets are cost-effective and protect you, your home and your appliances.

Handling electrical installations and fixtures can be dangerous work if not done by a professional. Make sure you contact a knowledgeable and licensed electrician from Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric for any electrical repairs or installations. We will safely and effectively install ground fault circuit interrupter outlets and make sure they are in compliance with state and city code. GCFI outlets are non-negotiable and offer protection from dangerous electric currents. Without them, ground faults can be fatal.


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