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How Small Electrical Problems Can Become Bigger Issues

Electrical Problems
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Can you imagine a life without electricity? Probably not. Electricity plays a vitally important role in our daily lives. Yet electrical problems can occur very easily and even the smallest issue can develop into a far larger complication. Given the importance of electricity, effort should be made to regularly maintain the electrical system, and keep an eye open for any small problems that may arise.

Common Electrical Problems

Here are a few issues that can arise in your commercial or residential building that could result in desperate need of electrical repairs if left unattended.

  • Burnt Out Light Bulbs

    All light bulbs have a lifespan, but if they are burning out too quickly, there may be an issue with a loose connection in the socket or the circuit. If you find that you have to frequently change light bulbs, it is best to get hold of an electrician who can do an inspection and find the loose connection.

  • Lights That Flicker

    Lights flicker for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons for lights to flicker is due to a weak connection in the socket or a faulty bulb. Often replacing the bulb will fix the problem, but if the flickering lights persist, it is best to hire a professional from Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric for electrical repairs.

  • Dead Outlets

    A dead electrical outlet can result from a number of things. The circuit may have tripped, or blown a fuse. If a plug doesn’t fit into the outlet, then the outlet may be the reason for the circuit failing, for example the receptacle may have worn out. The reason for the dead outlet should be professionally assessed to determine the problem and fix it accordingly.

  • Switches and Fixtures That Stay Warm

    This is a problem that is often overlooked. It is actually a huge safety concern and could lead to an electrical fire. The reason could be that the switch is overloaded, the switch is failing, or there is faulty wiring. Bearing in mind that dimmer switches can be warm at times, they should never be too hot. Make sure to keep an eye on switches and fixtures that appear to be abnormally warm, and call your trusted local electrician for a thorough inspection and diagnosis.

  • Breakers That Frequently Trip

    When a circuit draws too much power at a given time, it can cause the breaker to trip. The purpose of a breaker is to protect an electrical circuit from damage due to excessive current. If the breaker keeps tripping, there may be a dangerous problem on hand. If the breaker is older, and has not had regular maintenance, your building could be at electrical risk.

Maintenance is Key

These are just a few common problems that can result in larger, more dangerous and costly problems if left unattended. In order to prevent these issues from prevailing, and to pick up on potential problems before they create larger issues, your building should undergo regular inspections and maintenance checks.

Through regular electrical maintenance, we at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric are able to detect any issues that may not appear obvious at first. Maintenance ensures the safety of your home or company building by detecting loose parts, faulty connections, exposure to moisture and other potential electrical hazards.

If you are in charge of a commercial property, you will understand that your responsibility extends further than the actual building, and affects the profits of the company and livelihood of your employees. If you are looking out for the safety of your residential property, you will understand that you are also ensuring the protection of your family and belongings.

Always remember that trying to fix an electrical problem by yourself may cost you more money in the long run, and it may be a dangerous task, risking injury to yourself and damage to your belongings. Regular maintenance that takes care of the small problems can go a long way in preventing larger problems.


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