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Home Wiring: Why Does Checking The Voltage Matter?

Home Wiring
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Voltage is probably something that you don’t think about very often in terms of home wiring. However, your family’s safety is probably something that does often cross your mind. Electrical safety checks are performed to keep a firm grip on your family’s safety. Not literally, of course! 

Incoming voltage levels can fluctuate, and power-heavy appliances can cause overloads. Fluctuations and overloads can lead to substantial damage being caused in your home. 

Below are some reasons why you should be checking your voltage regularly.

How Home Wiring Voltage Works

Your electrical service provider supplies voltage, and it’s this voltage that makes electric charges move through your home via circuits and wires. Put simply; voltage is the pressure that moves electrons around.

Florida voltage standards stipulate that voltage supplied for residential purposes won’t exceed more than a 5% fluctuation above or below the standard supply level. But this isn’t to say that the voltage supply level won’t fluctuate more than 5% now and again. 

When your home’s voltage fluctuates, potential supply problems can be caused around your home. This is why you should be getting your voltage checked regularly.

What About Electrical Overloads?

Do your lights ever dim periodically? Or perhaps they turn off completely by themselves? Or has one of your appliances ever powered off by itself? These scenarios are typical of an overloaded circuit.

This happens when the combined power consumption from your lights and appliances exceed the voltage supplied to your home. Luckily, most homes are fitted with an overload switch that automatically cuts the power to everything, helping to prevent a fire from breaking out. 

Remember, just because there is an overload switch, doesn’t mean that overloading from time to time is good. Overloading is a warning sign that your voltage balance is out and increases the risk of potential fires or explosions in your home.

How To Prevent An Overload?

There are some sure ways to help prevent an overload in your home.

Balance Your Circuits

Your home will likely have more than one circuit and the key is to balance out the voltage demand equally across those circuits. You will need to figure out which appliances are connected to which circuits, and then do a wattage calculation. 

A wattage calculation is a complicated procedure and it’s recommended to call an electrical expert to conduct it for you. If you get it wrong, it could lead to a possible injury or fire.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances & Lights

Older appliances are traditionally more power-hungry. A flat-screen TV, for instance, will be more energy-efficient than an older TV. 

Appliances that provide heat like hair dryers can be particularly heavy on power so be aware of what you buy and make sure they’re wired into the correct circuit. 

Incandescent light bulbs also consume more power than energy-efficient LED bulbs. So, why not replace your older light bulbs with new LED ones?

Don’t Turn On Too Many Things At Once

Using high-power appliances concurrently may well lead to an overload. 

For instance, it may not be a good idea to use the vacuum cleaner, the hairdryer, and the electric stand mixer at the same time. Obviously, this might be close to impossible to do if you’re alone, but it’s easy to do when you have a family.

Check Your Voltage Regularly 

The best solution to a safe home is to get your voltage checked regularly. 

Not only will a professional company be able to test the incoming voltage levels, but they will also be able to test your overall voltage consumption. Experts will be able to correctly balance appliances and lights onto the correct circuits and will advise you on further safety measures. 

Using voltage meters on your own can lead to serious injury and electrical damage that simply isn’t worth it.

Use The Electrical Professionals

At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, we appreciate all the complexities of electrical systems. We don’t just understand them; we have an experienced team that can conduct a thorough voltage test of your home. We’ll be able to correct any overloading issues and advise you on any problematic appliances. 

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