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Hiring An Electric Company vs DIY Electrical Repairs

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Experiencing an electrical fault can be incredibly frustrating, especially when our most important devices and appliances depend on power. Irritation and impatience may lead you to decide not to call an electric company, but rather to attempt the repairs yourself. However, if you’re not careful, even the most seemingly simple DIY (Do It Yourself) electrical repair job could go horribly wrong, leading to greater costs down the line and potentially putting your family’s safety at risk. Hiring an electric company will allow you to avoid making expensive mistakes, ensure that the problem is fixed quickly and effectively, and ultimately give you peace of mind, knowing that your home and family’s safety has been prioritized.

Minor Mistakes; Major Expenses in DIY Electrical Repair

Nobody begins an electrical repair job intending to rewire their whole home. Often, the problem is a minor one, which at face value seems easy enough to fix with the help of some DIY electrical repair websites. While there are a few repairs which aren’t too hard to get right, there are many which can go catastrophically wrong if you’re not a professional electrician.

  • Wiring

    One of the most common mistakes people make when attempting to fix electrical problems is to underestimate the complexity of electrical re-wiring. Yet, even a simple error such as using wire which is the incorrect size, could lead to overheating or a fuse shorting. Cutting wires too short is another common mistake which homeowners make, often leading to further poor repair work and dangerous connections. Another risk is that you may reverse the hot and neutral connections when rewiring an outlet. This can be extremely dangerous and could lead to an electrical shock when someone attempts to use the outlet. Licensed electricians have years of experience with electrical wiring, and any wiring repair work is ideally best left up to them.

  • Outlets and Switches

    Repairing outlets and switches may seem to be a straightforward task. Yet, how many of us can confess to noticing that DIY-repaired outlets always seem to dangle from the wall? There is no question that switches and outlets which are not properly fixed and wired create a dangerous situation, one which may lead to arcing and overheating, and even electrical shock.

  • Fuses

    If a fuse keeps blowing, you just need to keep replacing it, right? Wrong. Fuses are important safety devices which protect wire ampacity ratings and appliances from irregular electrical current. If a fuse blows repeatedly, replacing it with another fuse – or worse, deciding to install a bigger fuse – will not only not solve the problem; it’ll make it much worse. If a fuse blows repeatedly, there’s a problem with your circuit wiring, and only a licensed electrical company should be called in to deal with such an issue. Simply replacing fuse after fuse will prolong the detection of the real problem and may lead to greater damage to your circuit and appliances later on.

  • Electrical Boxes

    A common mistake made during DIY repair jobs is making electrical connections outside of electrical boxes. Even those who use electrical boxes often use them incorrectly; over-filling them and creating the ideal situation for short-circuiting and overheating. This creates a fire hazard and is undoubtedly dangerous. A professional electrician hired from a reputable electrical company will be familiar with the National Electrical Codes which regulate electrical box use, and will ensure that your home’s electrical boxes meet the required safety standards.

Hiring an Electric Company Will Result in Safer Repairs, Sooner

While repairing your home’s electrical problems may be tempting, it is much safer to hire an electric company to take care of the issue instead. Electricians have been trained to conduct effective troubleshooting and diagnosis so that they can get to the root of your electrical fault quickly, without causing damage to all the other elements of the system. They will also be able to detect any major underlying problems, which you may miss if you’re completing what you think is minor repair by yourself. They have the necessary tools, equipment and expertise to make repairs accurately and safely, ensuring that no electrical components are left in a hazardous state when they are finished with their work. Most importantly, hiring an electric company will save you from exposing yourself and your family to electrical shock or a fire hazard. If your home is in need of electrical repairs, call Art Plumbing, AC and Electric today – after experiencing our excellent customer service and reliable repair work, you’ll never have the desire to attempt DIY electrical repairs again!


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