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Electrical Warning Signs You Need To Know Before Calling An Electrician

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Electricity is such a common commodity these days however, not many people are aware of just how dangerous it can be if left unchecked. Knowing these simple warning signs can help keep you and your family safe by helping prevent possible house fires and electric shocks.

Lights Flicker

Flickering lights can be caused by frayed wiring that shorts out. This could be due to windy conditions moving the wires and is specifically dangerous as it can start a fire. Be sure to get your electrical wiring checked regularly and replace any wiring that is starting to fray. 

The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

A circuit breaker is a necessary part of your home – it can help protect against electrical fires and your electrical appliances from damage. When the circuit breaker trips it is usually preventing an electric overload, as the load of electricity running through the circuit is too high. This can be caused by a specific appliance, or a fault in the circuit.

If your circuit breaker trips frequently, try to identify whether it happens when a specific appliance is plugged in, or when a specific electrical outlet is used. If it is due to an appliance, the appliance may be faulty. But if it is due to the use of a specific outlet, there may be a problem in the circuit.

Switches or Electrical Outlets Get Hot

Hot switches or electrical outlets are definitely a cause for concern. Be sure to check if your appliance switch gets hot – if any switch or outlet gets increasingly warm, you should have it inspected.  It could be just one specific outlet that is faulty, so check the appliance on a different one as well. If that outlet does not get hot, then it is probably a fault in the first one however, if the second outlet causes the appliance switch to get hot then the problem maybe with the appliance.

Electrical Outlets Are Overloaded

Overloading on your outlets is never a good idea. It probably means that you don’t have enough outlets in your home and you may need to have some additional ones installed.  The danger with overloading an outlet with multiple appliances through an extension cord is that it increases the risk of overheating. Overheating can often lead to fires – rather be safe and only have a limited number of appliances running from an outlet.

Shocks or Sparks Occur When Appliances are Switched On or Off

Sparks can easily cause fires, so get any sparking outlet checked immediately.   Also, be careful when dealing with appliances or outlets that spark often, as you could get an electric shock.  If you know it is the appliance that sparks, then your circuit is probably fine and you should replace the appliance.  However, it is advisable to get any outlet that sparks or shocks inspected immediately.

Knowing these electrical warning signs can help prevent fires and dangerous electric shocks in your home.  Be sure to watch out for them and next time you experience any of these warning signs contact a licensed and insured electrical company like Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric.


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