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Electrical Upgrades That Add Value To Your Home

Electrical Upgrades
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Whether you’re looking to improve your home for comfort and security or increase its appeal before selling, electrical upgrades are a definite way to increase value and confidence. Consider the following upgrades to bolster your home on the market and in your mind.

Generator Installation

Every hurricane season brings the possibility of long power outages. Save your family from the heat and the headache with a whole-home standby generator. Besides increasing your home’s value by three or four percent, a home generator will preserve your perishable goods, save time and money spent finding comfortable accommodations, and fend off the stress of an interrupted life when disaster does strike. While portable generators provide a temporary solution and can alleviate some of the discomforts of electricity loss, they need constant refueling, have limited capabilities, and can be dangerous if not used with caution or awareness. Costs are higher for the comfort and confidence that comes with a standby generator, (starting around $4,500+ for a 2000 square foot home) but for the peace of mind it offers and the value it adds, few upgrades are worth more.

Smart Thermostats

Blasting the air conditioning in Florida is as common and necessary as shopping for groceries. With that comes accidental and expensive wastefulness. The thermostat doesn’t need to be set to 70 degrees if there’s nobody in the house to enjoy it. However, unless you are mindful enough to remember to increase the temperature when you leave your home, the central unit will be left working hard without an audience, and you’ll be stuck paying for the performance. A smart thermostat will help you save energy and money in a few ways.

  • Movement Sensors

    Where people spend their time in your house is where your AC’s efforts should be focused. A smart thermostat will delegate those efforts when and where it would be most effective.

  • Long-Term Learning

    Leaving and arriving home at a regular time is a common aspect of life and one that can be utilized effectively by your smart thermostat. Instead of getting home to a humid seventy-nine degrees and having to wait thirty minutes for it to reach your desired temperature, imagine your house cooling to your preference on your drive back to it. A smart thermostat can make this a reality.

  • Weather Tracking

    Cold fronts are almost always a welcomed presence in Florida. One of the best things about them is being able to turn off the AC and open the windows. If you’re on vacation or away from the house and still want to take advantage of the savings that come with nice weather, a smart thermostat can adjust its schedule and power use to take advantage without a command from you.

  • Energy Use Analysis

    Curious about exactly where and when that energy bill gets those numbers? A smart thermostat can give you a better idea of how and when your home uses its energy.

Flood Protection/Moisture Sensors

Water damage can happen at any time for a multitude of reasons and can leave part of your home in immediate need of expensive, professional repair. Moisture sensors placed at possible flood points throughout your home can detect a leak in its infancy and shut off the water to it before it becomes a much larger, dangerous problem.

Security Systems

The safety and security of you and your family are invaluable. Installation of a modern security system will give you the confidence to sleep without worry and the freedom to travel without concern.

Thinking of and implementing upgrades to your home is not only important for its overall value, but for your peace of mind. The difficulties of home-ownership come in many forms at any time. If you wait for them to find you, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage.

By upgrading and modernizing your home’s electrical system and components, you’re taking the devastating power of chance and unfortunate circumstance and making it your own. And that is true ownership.


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