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Electrical Safety Tips For Childproofing Your Home

electrical safety
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Do you realize that your home may be full of electrical hazards that you are unaware of? Studies have proven that 80% of electrical injuries occur at home, but unless they are electricians, most people don’t give their home’s electrical system a passing thought unless there is a problem.

All homeowners should schedule regular electrical inspections, this is especially important If children are residing in the home. After the inspection, a qualified electrician can resolve any electrical issues and also give electrical safety tips to childproof your home.

How To Electrically Childproof Your Home

The electrical system can be in perfect working condition, but the home can still have dangerous electrical hazards. For peace of mind, it’s vitally important to be aware of electrical safety and to childproof your home.

Electrical Safety For Babies

To keep babies safe, you need to see the electrical dangers from their perspective.

Here are some handy tips:

  • Start educating them as soon as you can, especially when they start crawling. A firm “NO” whenever they reach for an electrical outlet, cord, or appliance, followed by a reward for good behavior, is a good start.
  • Childproof the home as much as possible. The aim is to put temptation out of reach. Start by getting down on your hands and knees and crawling as they do. You will be amazed at how different things look from their perspective.

Pay special attention to any:

  • Loose electrical cords that they would be able to gnaw on
    • Electrical outlets that they can stick their little fingers, or other objects, into.
    • Electrical appliances that are within easy reach.
  • Once you have seen the potential dangers from their perspective, make a list and brainstorm ways to make the area safer.

Some practical ideas are:

  • Immediately repair or replace frayed or damaged electrical cords.
    • Ensure all unused electrical outlets have safety covers installed.
    • Unplug and store, out of reach, any electrical appliances that are not in use.
    • Place all electrical cords into protective cord covers. Try to position the cords out of sight or behind furniture where possible.
    • Cover all exposed power strips.
    • Move all lamps or electrical appliances that are in use, away from the table/counter edge.
    • If you are using electrical extension cords, ensure all unused outlets are covered. Try to put the cord out of reach while in use. Long term, instead of using extension cords, contact an electrician to install extra electrical outlets.

Electrical Safety For Older Children

It is easier to teach older children about the potential dangers of electricity. Unfortunately, most children are still inquisitive and impulsive, so continued education is vital. Adults should never let their guards down or assume that children will be safe around electricity. Continued electrical safety education includes:

  • Teaching children the necessary symbols for:
    • Danger (skull and crossbones)
    • High voltage (a lightning bolt)
  • Remind them to never put foreign objects or fingers into electrical outlets or appliances e.g., toasters.
  • Teach them to ensure the appliance is switched off before unplugging it and to never unplug an appliance by pulling on the cord.
  • Remind them that electricity and water must never mix.

Teach them to:

  • Dry off properly after swimming or bathing. They must never touch an electrical appliance, cord, or outlet with wet hands.
    • Avoid drinking any liquid while they are using any electrical appliance, game console, or PC.

Electrical Safety Tips For Adults

All homeowners should schedule regular electrical safety inspections to ensure that their electrical circuit is safe and up to date with the latest electrical codes. It is also advisable to have qualified electricians inspect the electrical circuit:

  • After doing any renovations
  • After large storms where power lines were damaged
  • When you have a crawling baby (especially if you have not had an electrical safety check done before)

Electrocution is a medical emergency and can occur at any time. All adults in the home, need to familiarize themselves with how to deal with an electrical emergency:

  • Know where the electrical panel is situated, and how to turn off the main switch.
  • Have an updated knowledge of basic CPR, for adults, children, and infants.
  • Have all the necessary emergency contact numbers visible, in a central area.
  • Know how to handle a person who has been electrocuted, so that you are not electrocuted as well.

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