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Electric Company Code Updates & Corrections

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Hiring an electric company when considering renovations or upgrades to your home is not a choice to be taken lightly. A professional electrician has knowledge of the National Electrical Code (NEC) regulations. Florida follows the National Electrical Code (2011) which was recently updated and put into effect on June, 30 2015.

What is the NEC?

The National Electrical Code, first established in 1897, has been adopted in all 50 states with the purpose of being a standard of safe electrical installation, inspection, and as a protection against potential electrical hazards.

Here are a couple of interesting facts about the NEC that you may not know;

  • Since 1974, there have been 15 NEC revisions
  • The NEC is updated every three years. This is necessary to include the latest in proven safety technology
  • The NEC applies to both renovations and general construction. The code is only in effect after it is adopted by the state or local jurisdiction

The NEC is far more in depth than a few interesting facts though. When considering doing construction or renovations, it is important that you hire a professional and qualified electrician who is familiar with the codes and can ensure that your construction is exposed to the least number of potential hazards.

Unlike many home projects, electrical work is far from DIY. Hiring a certified electric company to do any electrical work to your renovations is important for safety and long term cost efficiency.

Jobs that need an electric company

Circuit breaker upgrades

Any upgrades to appliances implicates the power supply needed to support them. Electrical server panels will need to be upgraded along with any appliances. This job is highly complicated and using an electrical professional is non-negotiable.

Old breaker boxes that have not been upgraded to match any new appliances or renovations can result in the likes of flickering lights and blown fuses.

Adding GFCI outlets

A certified electrician is familiar with all the codes and regulations needed to add any additional outlets to your home and convert any current ones into ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). The codes could implicate restrictions such as the number of outlets in bathrooms and/or kitchens with a GCFI outlet. A GFCI outlet is necessary for if power needs to be shut down due to a high electricity load or water coming in to contact with electricity. Any outdoor outlet will need to be GCFI equipped.

Many old homes do not have the GFCI feature, and it is necessary to call in a certified electrician to install it. In this situation, and any situation of renovations where GCFIs need to be added, a hole in the wall needs to be cut. The risk of intercepting wires or disrupting a power route is high. Another risk during installation is improper grounding. The repercussion of this is potential fire or loss in power.

Outdoor lighting

A professional electrician will know the type of lighting needed to withstand the elements that outdoor is exposed to. Wiring for outdoor needs must be properly grounded and adhere to the NEC requirements.

Replacing light fixtures

A lot of home owners think that they can replace their own light fixtures in their home. In theory, this could be an amateur job, but there is a lot more to consider and it is best to hire a professional electrician. For example, depending on your amperage, an additional line may need to be run to the circuit breaker to support the wattage of the additional lights.

Some older homes don’t have high-temperature insulation or ceiling mounting strong enough to support certain features. This insulation is needed for ceiling lights and fans.

In the long run (and even short term) it is best to hire a certified electrician from a professional electrical company. This will ensure that you follow the NEC codes in your area, and that your safety is prioritized.


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