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Does Your Office Space Need An Electrical Upgrade?

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Most of us are on top of all electrical issues at home but tend to neglect office space electrical upgrades. Seeing as we spend more waking hours a day at the office, and in our digital age life comes to a screeching halt when the power goes out, shouldn’t we prioritize office electrical upgrades?

Good lighting and functionable outlets are shown to be instrumental in improving the office atmosphere and increasing employee productivity. Is your office electrical system outdated? Here are five areas you can assess to decide if your office space needs an electrical system update.

Five Signs That Indicate Your Office Space Needs an Electrical Upgrade

There are numerous signs that your office space needs an electrical upgrade, but most of these signs fall into five categories, namely:

  • Outlets
  • Lighting
  • Wiring
  • Circuit breakers
  • Regulations

The Outlets

Most people do not pay any attention to the outlet unless it’s not working, or not situated in the right place. Most outlets in an office space are used extensively, and from age or wear and tear, start giving problems. An electrician will need to be consulted if:

  • The outlets feel warm to the touch. An outlet should never feel warm, whether you have something plugged in, or an appliance has just been unplugged.
  • A dead outlet. Only qualified electricians should investigate the cause of the dead outlet.
  • You see sparks when you plug or unplug an appliance. If this occurs only once, it could be from a rapid decrease in the power supply and should not cause further problems. If it happens regularly, it will need to be assessed by an electrician.

An outlet may spark because of:

  • A water leak causing an electrical shortage
    • A loose connection
    • The outlet is worn out or very old
  • The outlets are not where they are needed. The office layout may change and If the outlets are not where they are needed or there are not enough of them, people will resort to using extension cords. Extension cords, although useful at times, come with their own set of issues like:
    • People can trip over them.
    • They can cause you to overload the circuit.
    • Unless concealed, look unprofessional in an office environment.

The Lighting

Office lighting is very different from residential lighting. An electrician will need to be consulted to:

  • Ensure you have the correct lights and light fixtures
  • The lights are strategically placed to enhance productivity

Your office space will need a lighting upgrade if the electricians conclude that:

  • The lights are not placed correctly—one of the problems that hamper productivity is unwanted shadows on workspaces
  • The lights are too dim and don’t light up the area sufficiently
  • The lights are too bright or cause a glare
  • The lights are flickering. Flickering lights are more than just a nuisance, they can result in employees complaining of headaches, migraines, or issues with their vision
  • The lights are not working. If you have changed the lightbulb and the light is still not working, you may need to upgrade the wiring or light fixture.

The Wiring

Electrical wiring is not usually visible, so an electrician will need to inspect the premises to determine whether the wiring needs an upgrade.

Some signs that the wiring may need an upgrade include:

  • The visible wiring is loose or damaged. The insulation may have melted, leaving the wires exposed. This will need to be upgraded immediately.
  • There is a burning smell. An ozone burning smell is a sign that wires are burning. An electrician will need to upgrade the wiring urgently, as burning wires are a dangerous fire hazard.

The Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers that keep tripping, are a sign of a much bigger electrical problem. It could be due to:

  • The electrical circuit being overloaded
  • There is a problem with the electrical wiring
  • The circuit breaker is old, faulty, or not connected properly.

Regardless of the reason, if the circuit breaker keeps tripping, your office electrical circuit will need inspection and possibly an upgrade.

Electrical Regulations

All electrical installations need to comply with the Florida Building Code. If any electrical alterations have been performed due to office layout or workflow requirements, a licensed and qualified electrician will need to confirm that they are done according to regulation. If they do not comply, your electrical circuit will need to be upgraded.

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