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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Electrical Panel Replacement?

electrical panel replacement
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Homeowners have insurance because their mortgage requires it and for peace of mind that their home and various assets are protected in any unforeseen event or emergency. One of the stipulations most homeowner insurances insist on, is that electrical panels must be installed by a licensed and qualified electrician and some insurance companies are requiring homeowners to replace their home’s electrical panels. Electrical panels manufactured by the following companies are being required to be replaced.

  • Federal Pacific Electric​​​​​​
  • Federal Pacific Stab Lok
  • Westinghouse
  • Challenger
  • Zinsco
  • Sylvania

If you are unsure whether your electrical panel needs to be replaced or repaired, here are some signs to look out for.

Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs Repair/Replacement

The electrical panel is home to the circuit breaker and the hub of the home’s electrical system. Here are some signs that indicate that the electrical panel may need to be replaced.

The Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

Circuit breakers trip when there is an electrical fault in the system, or there is an excess flow of electricity/power surge. These pose a fire hazard that could damage the circuit. If a qualified electrician inspects the wiring and finds no fault, the circuit breakers may be faulty. The circuit breakers may need replacing or the whole electrical panel may need to be replaced.

Flickering Or Dimming Lights When Appliances Are Plugged In

Lights should not flicker or dim when appliances are plugged in. This is a sign that your electrical panel cannot accommodate the amount of power that is required. The electrical panel will need to be replaced.

The Electrical Panel Smells Bad

If the electrical panel is emitting a bad or burning smell, it needs to be inspected by a professional. The smell could be from scorched breakers or melted wire insulation. If this is the case, the electrical panel will need replacing.

The Electrical Panel Is Making Strange Sounds

The electrical panel should not make any noise. A buzzing or hissing panel may indicate faulty wiring, a loose connection, or faulty circuit breakers. The panel needs urgent inspection and possible replacement.

The Panel Has Rust Damage

Water and electricity are a dangerous combination and must never mix. If the electrical panel shows signs of rust damage, it’s a sign that water has infiltrated the system. Immediately trace and eliminate the water source. The panel may also need to be replaced.

The Electrical Panel Receives Direct Damage

If the panel is in the garage and gets damaged by a car, or another heavy item, you need to contact an electrician. The panel will need a thorough inspection and possible replacement.

More Outlets Or Dedicated Circuits Are Needed

During alterations, more electrical outlets or dedicated circuits may be needed, If the electrical panel cannot house the extra circuits, it will need to be replaced.

New Large Appliances Are Added

Consult an electrician when purchasing large new appliances that draw a lot of power. The electrician will assess whether the electrical panel can handle the extra load, or if it will need to be replaced.

The Electrical Panel Is 25 years or older

If your electrical panel still has fuses or is older than 25 years, it will need to be inspected by a qualified electrician. Older panels are usually undersized for today’s needs, and unable to carry the electrical load required to be safe. It will need to be replaced.

Will Homeowner Insurance Cover Electrical Panel Replacement?

Most homeowner insurance should cover electrical panel replacement with the following stipulations:

  • The panel is installed by a professional and adheres to the Florida Building Code.
  • The panel is maintained by a qualified electrician.
  • The damage is due to a peril that has been specified. These perils usually include
    • Power surges caused by lightning
    • Fire damage
    • Rain/windstorm damage

The homeowner’s insurance may not cover the electrical panel replacement if:

  • The panel has general neglect and has not had scheduled maintenance by a qualified electrician
  • The panel was damaged intentionally
  • It did not have a surge protector (if one was specified in the insurance contract)
  • If the damage was due to a predictable event such as water damage in an area that is known for frequent flooding.

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