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Choosing The Right Energy Management System For Your Home

energy management system
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With utility bills increasing each month and an emphasis put on lowering the carbon footprint for a healthier planet, many have turned to the installation of energy management systems (EMS) in order to lessen the strain on the planet as well as on their wallets.

What Is An Energy Management System?

An energy management system is a smart system that allows households to record, track and modify their monthly electrical usage. A licensed electrician is able to install a specific device on your property. This device is able to accurately measure, track and send you notifications regarding your electricity usage through the firmware that is installed on the device. Your notifications and monthly electrical consumption report will be seen either on the devices customer portal by means of a secure log-in or through a mobile application that you can access on your phone. The report provides a detailed analysis of varying energy usage statistics including the appliances that consume the most energy as well as specific dates that the appliance was used.

Energy management systems in conjunction with a mobile app or online portal can provide you with insight on the efficiency of your electrical consumption or show you how you can improve and lessen your consumption. By utilizing an EMS you are able to cut electrical costs and have a positive impact on your environment.

Why Should You Consider An Energy Management System?

Homeowners are encouraged to go green, but buying newer models of energy efficient appliances every other year can be quite costly. It’s easier for homeowners to see exactly which appliances uses the most electricity before you decide to replace them. An EMS system will also ensure that you’re constantly aware of your energy usage in your effort to decrease your monthly utility bill.

Things To Look For In An Energy Management System

  1. Anytime Access

    Are you able to log into your user interface, your EMS online portal or mobile application, from anywhere and at anytime? Your EMS interface should be able to display exactly which appliances are on at any given moment.

  2. Control

    Newer EMS systems enable the user to control their appliances, allowing the user to remotely turn appliances on or off. Invest in an EMS that enables you to set timers or remotely turn your appliances on/off.

    For example: It’s not necessary to run your AC if you’re at work all day, this is a waste of energy, but with remote access you can turn your AC on, while you’re on your way home.

  3. Data

    Your system should be able to provide you with proper insight in an easily digestible manner. This data should display accurate readings of appliances that are using too much electricity or if the appliances are being used in excess.

  4. Integration

    Many homes have alternate energy sources such as solar power or external battery storage. Your household energy management system should allow you to monitor the energy that you have generated and stored. By managing both your usage from the local power grid as well as your usage of solar or stored electricity you will be able to use your appliances in the most cost-effective way.

Choosing The Right Energy Management System For You

There is a wide range of energy management systems available on the market, but using the above tips will help you narrow down your search. The installation of an EMS will help you reduce your monthly utility costs, reduce the risks of power outages as well as reduce your carbon emissions. If you are still uncertain about the exact system suited to your home, don’t hesitate to contact your reliable local professionals at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric. We’ll be able to assist you with all your electrical needs.


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