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A Home Lighting Guide To Brighten Your Space

Home Lighting
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If you have ever purchased lightbulbs for your home lighting, you may have noticed the word watts or lumens on the box. Most people assume that the higher a bulb’s watts, the brighter it is, but this is not always the case as watts and lumens are an indication of different things. Watts measure how much power your lightbulb will use, while lumens measure how much light is visible to the human eye. This means that even though a lightbulb can have a high watt count, it can still result in dimmer lighting than you expected. Let’s discuss the different lumens available and where they are best suited in your home.

What are the Different Types of Lumens?

There are different sources of light and each have their own benefits and lumen measurement. The most common sources used in homes and offices are:

  1. Fluorescent/Tube Lights

    Fluorescent lights are best known for their long ‘tube’ like shape. These lights first became popular at the beginning of the 21st century as they were a better alternative to incandescent light bulbs. A 36-watt fluorescent light produces approximately 2800 lumens. In the right color, this can provide sufficient light in spaces where bright or harsh light is needed.

  2. LED Lights

    Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are known to be an energy efficient light source and have replaced most tube lights in office spaces. This is because LEDs can emit light into a specific direction and are more environmentally friendly. A 15-watt LED light will generally produce 1500 lumens. Like fluorescent lights they are available in a number of colors.

How Many Lumens are Needed in Your Room?

The number of lumens needed to light a room in your home will not be the same as the number of lumens needed to light an office or warehouse. This is because each space has a different purpose and must have different lighting to help achieve that purpose. The number of lumens needed in a room in your home depends on the size of the room and its shape, the ceiling height, the room’s color scheme, the type of light fitting, and what the room is used for. In your home:

  • The kitchen can use between 300 and 800 lumens per square meter.
  • A living room used for lounging or tasks such as reading will be sufficiently lit with 400 to 500 lumens per square meter.
  • Bedrooms not used for homework or study spaces will only require approximately 400 lumens per square meter to be well lit.
  • Bathroom lights are generally between 500 and 900 lumens per square meter, because they are used for grooming.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Lighting?

Upgrading your home’s lighting is the easiest way to change its appearance and increase its value. If the rooms in your home are looking dim or if your fluorescent lights are flickering constantly, you should consider upgrading the lighting in your home. Some lighting changes can require electrical rewiring while others only require a change of lightbulb – it all depends on your budget and style. A great alternative to fluorescent lights are LED lights or recessed lights, when placed correctly they can help make a small room look spacious and make an outdated room look modern.

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