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Why You Should Have Your Home’s Air Ducts Professionally Cleaned

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Your home should be a safe, comforting place. One way to make that happen is to perform regular duct cleaning, to ensure you and your loved ones are breathing the cleanest air possible. Even with vacuuming and dusting, it’s still possible to breathe in particles of dirt, dust, and other pollutants. These particles enter the home through cooking, cleaning, and other activities.

When Your Air Ducts Need Attention

Not sure if your air ducts need cleaning? Consider the following factors:

Visible mold. Quite obviously, any visible mold is a bad sign and needs to be removed immediately. If you can see it growing in your home, or smell something foul but can’t determine a source, you should contact a professional for an inspection.

Vermin and infestation. Find any rodents or bugs in your home lately? You may want to clean those air ducts so you’re not breathing in their droppings.

You haven’t cleaned your heating or cooling systems in a while. Your air ducts could be working overtime if your other heating and cooling components are not also cleaned regularly. These parts all work together for maximum efficiency.

Why Duct Cleaning Is Important

There are many factors that can affect the air quality of your home; duct cleaning is just one of them. The dirt and dust that enters your home won’t necessarily affect the primary living spaces, but dirty air ducts are a potential culprit of reduced air quality.

After all, we do so much in our homes: we cook, we clean, and we come in from outdoors, where we are exposed to a variety of different particles and substances and all of them enter our homes.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends duct cleaning on an as-needed basis. However, given the number of responsibilities that are involved with maintaining a home, regular duct maintenance is recommended at least once a year.

When scheduling your duct cleaning, you should also have your cooling coils and fans looked at to ensure the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

Duct Cleaning And More In South Florida

Owning a home requires lots of attention to keep it a safe and comfortable place. To ensure clean air and a functional AC system, it’s important to conduct regular maintenance on your home’s HVAC system.

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