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What Is HVAC Tape And Do My Ducts Really Need It?

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After all these years, it must be a shock to discover that duct tape isn’t actually meant for use on your air ducts. Duct tape can be used in a variety of ways from fixing a tent to removing lint from your clothing, but when it comes to your actual air ducts – It’s a major no-no! Never use duct tape on your air ducts. While this knowledge may have been limited to professional and reliable HVAC technicians and the odd homeowner who has tried to DIY it, now you know as well.

What Is & How Does HVAC Tape Work?

HVAC Tape works the same way you’d use tape to seal or fix an item that was broken. In the case of HVAC tape, it is the only type of tape that will work on air ducts. If your ductwork is not sealed correctly, your home will be less energy efficient. In areas where leakage is suspected HVAC tape is used to seal the affected areas.

Are There Different Types of HVAC Tape Available?

There are countless types of HVAC tape available on the market. There are different brands as well as different use cases for HVAC tape, it all depends on your specific needs.  There is another type of air duct sealant known as mastic. Mastic can be applied like paint, and has a gooey consistency.  When it comes to selecting your HVAC tape. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Backing

    Depending on your specific needs, the backing of the tape will differ. Different types of backing include foil, film and composite backing. The tape you choose will be geared to your specific needs. Remember that the type of backing will protect the adhesive on the other side.

  • Adhesive and Adhesion

    This looks at how the tape sticks to the surface. You want your tape to tack on to the surface immediately. The adhesive used can either be an acrylic, butyl or a rubber-based adhesive. In terms of adhesion, you want your tape to form a permanent and strong bond with your air duct.

  • Ease of Application

    If your chosen tape is not easy to apply, you may want to find another. Your tape will need to conform to different sizes or shapes in order to effectively and efficiently seal the leak.

  • Permeability

    Look at how well the tape stops air from leaking out of your duct work and contaminants from entering your duct work. If it is permeable, then it is not the tape for your ducts.

  • Strength

    You will need to find a strong tape. This is to ensure that the tape holds up during application, but this is also dependent on how you use your tape.

  • Needs

    There are tapes that are flame resistant, and there are tapes that are completely fire-proof. There are also tapes that are moisture resistant. You will need to consult with an expert HVAC technician in order to decide which tape works best for your specific needs.

Relying on Your Local HVAC Technicians from Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric

Duct repair is something you need to take seriously, before you find yourself needing a total duct replacement.  Regular duct cleaning done by professionals will ensure that your ducts are in tip top shape. Never attempt to DIY any air duct maintenance – Your reliable HVAC technician from Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric will make any and all necessary repairs that require HVAC tape so you won’t have to.


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