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The Benefits of Duct Sealing

duct sealing
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Every home with an HVAC system makes use of ducts. The ducts in your home are made up of multiple branching tubes that are able to carry air from your HVAC system to each room. The materials used for ducts can differ depending on the age of your home, what you were advised to install based on your needs or budget, or what the previous owner of the home may have installed. Ducts enable the distribution of cool air throughout your home, but if your ducts aren’t sealed correctly you will end up losing approximately 25% of your cool air to leaks and holes. This loss of cool air can lead to higher utility bills and insufficient cooling of your home. Duct sealing is an important part of regular preventative duct and attic maintenance to ensure that your HVAC system is in perfect working order.

Signs You May Need Duct Sealing

  • High Utility Bills

    If your utility bill is noticeably higher than in previous months, there is a chance you may have a leak in your duct work. You will want to get that seen to as soon as possible. If you don’t seal your ducts immediately, you may end up paying more money as wear and tear will have an effect on your duct work.

  • Certain Rooms Will Not Be Sufficiently Cool

    No matter how much you crank up the AC, certain rooms in your home won’t be comfortably cool. You don’t want to be the person stuck in a room without adequate cooling; having your ducts sealed will solve this issue and ensure consistency throughout your home.

  • Your Ductwork Is In The Attic

    The attic is an unconditioned area of your home. You need to ensure that your ducts are properly sealed as cool air can be forced out of joints in your ductwork and warmer air will end up being distributed throughout your home. With holes in your ductwork, you run the risk of insect or rodent infestation, which can have an adverse impact on your health.

Benefits Of Duct Sealing

Safety should always be a priority, certain gas-powered appliances release gases such as carbon monoxide through their specific ventilation systems, but if your HVAC ductwork is damaged, these noxious gases can be drawn back into your home instead of removed from your home.

Another benefit of duct sealing would be good indoor air quality. This can have an impact on your health especially if you’re prone to respiratory problems; by not sealing your ducts, you could aggravate any allergy or respiratory problems you may have.

If there’s one place you need to feel comfortable, it’s your home. Without proper duct sealing you won’t really find comfort in a room that’s just never cool enough. If your home is using a lot of energy it probably means that your home is not friendly – to your wallet or the environment. An increase in energy use will leave you with higher utility bills and the fact that you’re increasing the amount of air pollution in vicinity.

Don’t Try DIY

You may think that you can temporarily plaster duct-tape on a leaking duct, but that can cause more problems for you later on. Before you can even attempt to seal ducts yourself, you’d need to locate them. Duct work branches throughout your home. You may have pipes behind walls or even in your attic.

The best way for you to breathe easy at night, is to ensure that you hire a licensed professional to properly seal your ducts. A professional will be able to thoroughly assess your duct system and ensure that all leaks are properly insulated and sealed.

Save money, protect the environment, and enjoy comfortably cool temperatures by having your ducts seen to by the licensed professionals of Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric.


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