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Environmental Effects of Commercial Ducts and Repair

commercial duct repair
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Commercial environments like office spaces and retail stores have to deal with the hustle and bustle of their employees as well as clientele moving in and out of the commercial space. Therefore, most commercial companies rely heavily on central air conditioning units or HVACs to moderate and maintain the indoor environments to create a comfortable and desirable space to work in. Let’s take a closer look at one of the most important features of the HVAC system: the ducts, and how commercial duct repair may be an important factor for you to consider soon.

What are Ducts and Why Do We Need Them?

Ducts are passages that allow the motion of air through the central air conditioning system. Via duct design, these systems are sized, planned and detailed according to the model, building and commercial requirements. They work in both delivering and removing ventilation air and are essential to effectively maintain indoor working environments.

The South Florida summer heat can become truly unbearable, with the winter cool-down often not providing much of a break. Employees behave much like machines in that they have reduced energy levels, concentration and motivation when they begin to overheat. Studies have shown that proper ventilation and air conditioning is essential for employees to perform at optimal levels and maintain this level for longer and for customers to feel relaxed, comfortable and encouraged to do business with you.

How Do Commercial Ducts Affect the Working Environment?

There are three areas that are immediately affected by commercial ducts in your working environment:

  1. Air Quality

    Dirty ducts are a problem in two ways: they become less able to filter and clean the air passing through the HVAC system; and they build up dust, pollutants, allergens and mold and can release these into the air moving through the system. This can cause employees to be exposed to excessive dust, germs and allergen levels, and can cause what is known as Sick Building Syndrome. Sick employees reduce productivity rates. Some older buildings have even been known to contain asbestos materials found in various structural components like insulation; ineffective filtering can expose employees and customers to the numerous health risks associated with asbestos. This can lead to excessive legal battles, full, expensive repairs or even run the risk of shutting down your business.

  2. Temperature Regulation

    Commercial buildings also have to deal with complex zoning and various temperature pockets due to varying levels of body heat, equipment heat, and open doors and windows; these make it difficult to adequately maintain the internal environment. Dirty or leaky commercial ducts reduce the ability of the HVAC system to heat or cool a system as it can stop the movement of air to the desired locations.

  3. Efficiency

    Commercial air conditioning generally develops a system with higher energy requirements as they have to deal with larger spaces, greater changes to environment due to human body heat and movements within the system. Inefficient duct systems would increase the total energy requirements through the increased work needed to overcome blockages and leaks in the system.

Commercial Duct Repair or Cleaning Service

It is imperative to find a certified service provider like Art Plumbing, AC and Electric. They should have sufficient experience in commercial HVAC units, installation, maintenance and repair. They are likely to conduct an inspection first to determine the extent of the problem and the most ideal repair course. Check your contractor’s references and reviews to make sure they are a reliable repair service.

Remember that duct cleaning is an important part of maintaining an HVAC system to ensure optimal performance and working environment moderation. If you have any questions about ducts or your HVAC, or if you would like your system evaluated, don’t hesitate to contact us at Art Plumbing, AC and Electric today.


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