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What Causes Sewer Line Stoppages?

sewer line stoppages
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Dealing with any household plumbing issue does not rank high on the priority list for most. Especially if everything is in working condition. The problem comes along when you ignore the tell-tale signs of an impending problem.

Sewer line stoppages can cause a lot of damage in your home and may need emergency plumbing services to get it fixed immediately. Learning what causes sewer line stoppages can help homeowners prevent future plumbing problems.

Finding The Root Cause of Sewer Line Stoppages

Knowing what causes sewer line stoppages along with regular preventative plumbing maintenance can help you from needing a potential plumbing repair or replacement.

There are a variety of reasons why your sewer line is always clogged.

  1. Food Waste: Having a garbage disposal unit in your kitchen may be the greatest thing ever. Except using it all the time can cause a build-up of food waste which can clog your drains. Oily or greasy foods contribute to build-up in your pipes. This build-up then latches on to anything else passing through the drainpipes. If you can’t minimize your food wastage, try throwing away leftover food items safely in a compost bin to use for landscaping. This would be a better alternative to using your garbage disposal all the time.
  2. Flushed Away: Never flush anything other than toilet paper. Avoid napkins, paper towels, feminine products, and wet wipes. Keep in mind that while there are flush-friendly wet wipes, it is better to bin them than risk flushing them. Over time your sewerage line will become clogged with items that weren’t able to disintegrate as easily as toilet paper. This will not only cause sewer line stoppages but also damage to your plumbing pipes.
  3. Outside Influences: If debris, such as leaves, dirt, sticks, and insects, are blocking your external drainage, chances are high that these external factors are contributing to your sewer line stoppages. Always take the time to ensure that external debris isn’t covering your outside drains.
  4. Rooted Together: The root cause of your issue can sometimes be the trees around your home. Tree roots can grow deep underground, often deep enough to penetrate your sewer lines. This is especially the case if there is even the tiniest opening at a joint or junction in the sewerage line. Tree roots will continue to grow throughout your sewerage line and will cause large amounts of damage. You will need the expert services of a rooter technician to remove the roots from your pipes.
  5. Problematic Pre-Existing Pipes: Newer homes have plumbing pipes made of plastic such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes. If your plumbing pipes are made from copper or even galvanized steel, it’s likely that your pipes have degraded over time. Not only are metal pipes hazardous to your water supply, but metals are more prone to corroding which will cause stoppages.
  6. Sagging Drainage Lines: Your sewerage lines can sag over time and one part of your sewerage line may curve into the ground. This causes all waste to collect in the lower section of the pipe instead of freely flowing through. Sagging sewerage lines are caused by shifts in the soil or ground around your drain lines.

Dealing With Sewer Line Stoppages

While there are some simple plumbing maintenance tips you can do yourself, it’s best to have the professionals handle all sewer line stoppage issues. Never hesitate to reach out for help from professional plumbers and rooter technicians.

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