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What Can I Do About A Clogged Shower Drain?

Clogged Shower Drain
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The moment that your shower starts filling up like a bath is probably the first time that you will notice an issue with your shower drain. Showering while standing in a deep puddle of water means that your shower drain probably has a blockage. These blockages are usually caused by a build-up of hair, dirt, and soap.

While clogged shower drains are preventable, they do happen and the sooner these they are dealt with, the easier they are to resolve. Here are six of the most common ways to unblock a clogged shower drain, other than calling your trusted professionals Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, of course!

Baking Soda & Vinegar

If you’re not completely sold on the idea of using harsh chemicals to clear your shower drain, the combination of baking soda and white vinegar is a great first option. When these two ingredients are combined and poured down your shower drain, they will cause a fizzing reaction. This chemical reaction will help to break down your drain’s clog.

For it to be most effective, this should be done when the shower will not need to be used for a couple of hours. This method may make you feel like a mad scientist but at least you’ll be one with an unclogged drain!

Commercial Chemicals 

If your drain needs something a little stronger, there are a range of commercial products specifically designed to clear your shower drain quickly, easily, and affordably. While the procedure is as simple as pouring it down the drain and leaving it to work, precautions need to be taken. When these products are handled, gloves need to be worn and the room needs to be well ventilated. While these products are effective, using them too often could damage your pipes so it’s advised you use them sparingly.

If you’re wanting to avoid using potentially harmful caustic cleaners all together, Art recommends a safer bacterial cleaner like Bio-Clean® to get your drains flowing again.

Boiling Point 

Using boiling water to clear a shower drain is the easiest (and oldest) trick in the book! Soap and gunk can often be broken down by simply boiling your teapot and slowly pouring the water down the drain. Unfortunately, this is only an option for homes with metal piping. The heat in homes with PVC piping may cause the PVC joints to loosen. 

If you’re not sure what you’re plumbing pipes are made out of, perhaps it’s best to avoid this method.


Using a plunger may be seen as old fashioned, but it can still be extremely effective! The nature of the clog, location in the drain, and design of the drain will determine the plunger’s success rate. If you are struggling to find suction, smearing Vaseline on the edge of the plunger has been known to help.

All Hands On Deck

As unappealing as it sounds, if you can see the blockage, you may have more success in clearing it if you just reach in and pull it out with your hand (while wearing gloves of course!) This method has been known to reduce the frequency of shower drain blockages.

Coat Hanger

If you were unsuccessful using your hand but you can still see the blockage, you could try using a metal coat hanger.

Bend the wire so that it can fit down the drain easily but leave the hook at the bottom. When you feel the blockage, channel your inner fishing skills, turning the hanger so that the hook catches the debris and pulls it out. Your catch of the day may not be able to feed your family that evening, but at least your shower drain will be clear!

How Art Can Help You With A Clogged Shower Drain

We understand that a blocked shower drain can be an unpleasant experience for everyone involved, be it the tepid water or unpleasant smells. If you find that none of these techniques are giving you the result that you would like, or that you are unsure of how successful they’ve been, give us a call! Our trusted team at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric would love to take care of your clogged shower drain so that you focus on taking care of your family. Call us today at 1-800-475-1504 for more information.


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