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Dealing with Drains: Rooter Service

rooter service
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Being a homeowner in South Florida means constantly being on top of the various and numerous repairs and maintenance your home needs. Blocked drains around the home are by far one of the most common plumbing problems homeowners encounter; some easily fixed with a plunger and others requiring the aid of professionals. You may have heard of the term, “rooter service” as the answer to your drain problems, but what about your questions about a rooter service? Let’s take a dive deeper into this drain dredger.

What Is a Rooter Service?

The name comes from the malefactor – roots. Often, when you called for drain service in South Florida, they would be cleaning roots that were blocking sewer or plumbing lines. The original rooter device design included a long steel cable, washing machine and roller-skate wheels, that was then threaded through underground pipes to clear the root-invaders. This design created the foundations of the rooter service plumber’s snake design as well as other plumbing tools and techniques used today. Now, rooter service refers to any method of drain cleaning or pipe repair a professional plumbing service, like Art Plumbing, AC and Electric, may employ to deal with your drains.

Why Would You Need a Rooter Service?

Rooter service is incredibly important plumbing maintenance. Blockages cause different types of problems based on where they are in the plumbing system – some leading to very expensive solutions. Proximal problems, i.e. those nearer to your home, often only affect the immediate appliance drainage; however, blockages in larger pipes can cause widespread drainage issues that can affect household appliance and cause them to also need repairs or replacements. In the more severe cases associated with sewer line blockages, wastewater can back-up into your home, exposing you and your family to untreated sewerage.

When Should You Consider a Rooter Service?

From daily waste products (including hair, soap scum, and food remnants) to serious culprits (like tree roots, corrosion, and natural debris), blockages in your drains can be – and should be – addressed as soon as possible. Smaller drains are often unblocked via plunger and elbow grease, but you will need to engage the services of a professional plumber to deal with the rest as larger blockages and pipes require rooter service to safely and properly clear them.

How Does the Rooter Service Work?

There are different kinds of rooters – each customized according to location and severity of the blockage. Manual rooters are suitable for simple drains and are fitted with a hand crank that needs to be rotated to advance the drain snake through the blocked drain; the rooter will either dislodge the blockage or snag it to be brought back up the drain for removal. Toilet blockages are tackled with an auger – a rooter specifically designed with a hook shape to allow for easier access and maneuvering in toilet drains. Some rooters have electric motors, rotating blades and video inspection for accurate diagnosis and best possible management plans.

Art Plumbing, AC and Electric has a specific division dedicated to the art that is rooter service. Art Rooter, Sewer and Drain Cleaning, a licensed and insured plumbing service with 34 years of experience and expertise. If you have any blockage, drainage or plumbing problems, any questions about rooter service or our services, contact us today. Make us a part of your annual home maintenance and ensure healthy, functioning plumbing all year around.


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