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Six Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Main Sewer Line

main sewer line
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You might not think about the main sewer line of your home often, one which works day and night. We generally only consider this important piece of plumbing when it leaks or stops working. Then, they tend to become all-consuming!

Most people think about main sewer lines as filthy places that you dare not go to, but there are actually a few interesting things about them.

What is the Purpose of the Main Sewer Line?

While it may come as no surprise, the main sewer line connects the tubs, toilets, and sinks of your home to the main sewer outside your property. They are usually made from clay, PVC, or cast iron, and are about four inches in diameter. They’re generally only talked about when they become blocked, which is fair enough.

What you may not know about main sewer lines is that some homes have a sewer clean-out, which is a part of the line that has a cap that can be unscrewed. Any experienced plumber will tell you that these handy caps make unblocking the main sewerage line a part more pleasant experience!

Here are six facts about the main sewer line that you may not know about.

1. Homeowners Are Responsible For Them.

Many homeowners assume that because the main sewer lines connect with the public sewer, the responsibility to maintain or repair it would sit with their city or town. This is a mistake that’s often made. The reality is that this responsibility actually sits with the owner of the property or home.

If the main sewer line becomes blocked or is damaged in any way, it’s up to the homeowner to call a professional. It’s not advised to do any repairs yourself as you could make the issue worse, and you may find that it negatively impacts your home insurance coverage.

Any experienced drain and sewage plumber will have the right tools for the job. The good news is that Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning is the best in the game.

2. Their Biggest Foe Is A Tree.

The roots of trees are usually the primary culprit when it comes to main sewer line clogs. It’s no surprise that trees need water to survive, but did you know that they are actually attracted to the water and nutrients in sewage lines?

Once they get in, it doesn’t take long before either they completely block the pipe or toilet paper starts to build up on them and clog things up.

3. They Form Part Of Our Architectural Heritage.

Sewers play a key role in our society. Without them, our cities would be uninhabitable. Hidden beneath the city streets, this infrastructure is not just for cleaning your dirty dishes or keeping your toilet clear – it’s also a piece of architectural heritage.

4. You Don’t Always Need To Excavate A Damaged Main Sewer Line.

A damaged main sewer line is never a pleasant experience, but you don’t need to have your entire lawn dug up to replace it if it is beyond repair. Trenchless replacements are possible, where an experienced sewer plumber will send a hydraulic head into the old pipe to make the repair.

5. It’s Also Called A Sewer Lateral.

It’s more commonly known as the main sewer line, but it’s also referred to as the sewer lateral. This makes sense when you consider that they usually run at a right angle to the main sewer.

6. They Need Maintenance.

Even though they are hidden away underground, it’s not out of sight out of mind. Your main sewer line needs maintenance. If you don’t maintain them, you may be in for a messy and expensive problem. We recommend having your pipe checked every 18 months to 22 months. Our experienced team will inspect a main sewer line with a camera to ensure there is no blockage. If there is, we’ll get it cleared up in no time.

Hire An Experienced Sewer & Drain Cleaning Expert

So, there you have it, six facts you may not have known about your main sewer line. If you need an experienced sewer plumber to check, fix or replace your main sewer line, our passionate team not only has the right tools, but the industry knowledge to do the best job in town.

Do you have main sewer line issues? That sucks; but we can help! Give us a call at 1-561-391-1048 or take a look at our other drain cleaning services here.


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