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Signs You May Need To Consider Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair
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The sewer system is an essential aspect of your home because it’s responsible for carrying out hazardous waste to keep your family healthy and your home smelling fresh. If there is one thing you shouldn’t ignore, it’s these signs that you might need a sewer repair.

Slow Drain Or Sewage Backup

Slow drainage and backups can be signs of blockages in your sewer system. Backups can occur in one pipe, but it can also occur in your main sewer line. When this happens, backups and slow drainage will appear in various areas around your home.

The line could be cracked, clogged, or infiltrated by tree roots. Cracks and clogs are more likely to occur if you or someone in your home flushes sanitary products or non-flushable items. If you know things other than toilet paper have been flushed and you’re experiencing these problems, call a plumber as soon as possible. These issues can lead to costly sewer repair.

Poor Water Pressure

When your home’s water pressure has decreased, either overtime or in a short period of time, it can be a sign that something is going wrong in your sewer system. Like many sewer issues, clogs or cracks could be the culprit.

High Water Bill

Out of the ordinary water usage can be a huge sign of a flaw in your sewer system. Of course, be aware if your household has intentionally increased water usage, like the filling of a pool. If it’s not intentional, the extra water might be a sign of a flaw in the system.

As I’m sure you can guess, there could be a crack in one of your pipes. The increase in water usage is because the flow of water needs to satisfy the amount of water the crack wastes on top of the original amount of water used.

Bad Smell

The sewer system is created to be airtight for hygienic and environmental reasons. No one wants the nasty smell of rotten eggs or sewage hanging around their home or office building. It’s even worse if the odor is coming from inside the property.

You need to notify a plumber if you discover any foul or unattractive smells. Not only is it awful on your senses, but it is an indication of a leak somewhere in your system. Trust us when we tell you that this is not a sewer repair you want to put off.


When there is mold in your home and you are unsure where it’s coming from, it’s possible that your sewer line is to blame. Mold takes less than two days to form. Pay attention to musty smells or visible mold. They could be the key to finding an undetected leak.

Unwanted Visitors

The smell of your sewer system attracts unwanted bugs or pests. They’ll hang around wherever they can enjoy the scent and dampness of the sewer leak. If the airtight seal has been broken, they can find the opening and weasel their way inside. They can even squeeze through the smallest cracks and enter your home through the pipe.

Noisy Pipes

A loud and unnatural gurgling noise coming from your pipes is a warning sign of problems to come. This typically means that air is getting trapped in your sewer line that is likely due to a clog in the pipes. While a clog can seem like no big deal, it can actually cause the cracks and leaks that have been discussed in this article. Don’t let a simple fix turn into an expensive investment.

Don’t Wait, Call The Sewer Repair Experts Today!

All of these signs for a sewer repair should be acted on, not ignored. You’ll need a professional to ensure that your sewer system can keep up with you and your household. Luckily, if you live in or around the Coral Springs area, Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning has you covered. Don’t wait, call us today at 1-888-773-1524 to get started.


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