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A Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

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Plumbing problems can become expensive very quickly. To avoid any unnecessary costs and headaches, here’s a plumbing maintenance checklist. Use it to go through your home to prevent plumbing problems or catch them before they worsen.


Drain health is a critical section on the plumbing maintenance list. So many problems stem from clogged or backed up drains. You need to check your sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, and even your washing machines regularly to ensure that no drainage problems are about to arise.

A warning sign of drain problems is that they are not draining as quickly as they should be. If you’ve been allowing food or grease to enter your pipes, there may be build-up. That build-up can eventually turn into a clog if ignored for too long.

Corrosion & Cracks

After years of use, it’s inevitable that there will eventually be corrosion or cracks in your plumbing system. Look for signs of deterioration around faucets and bolts in high moisture areas like your tub or shower.

Cracks can occur in almost any area of plumbing. The toilet bowl, tank, and base can crack and cause your toilet to malfunction. The same goes for sinks and tubs. While you’re looking for cracks, check the caulking in your tubs and showers. Faulty caulking can let water in behind your walls, causing mold.

Another major potential issue is the cracking of pipes in your home. This can be dangerous because you may not notice the crack until it’s too late, and there is a puddle or lake of water on your floor.


Speaking of puddles of water, preventing leaks from forming or getting worse is a significant point on the plumbing maintenance checklist. Leaks can easily become the most expensive and damaging plumbing issue on this list. Search for puddles of water, dripping pipes, or damp floors regularly.

To prevent leaks, pay attention to what you’re putting down your drains. If you practice proper drain maintenance, the likelihood of your pipes cracking and leaking will go down.

Correct Operation

A simple way to maintain your plumbing is to make sure all of the parts are operating correctly. Take a look in your toilet tank every once and awhile. Look for rust and failing or broken parts. Check that the rubber flapper in your tank is not cracked or brittle and that it is sealing properly.

Next, sit on your toilet and rock back and forth. If your toilet rocks, it is not sealed to the floor. The seal is broken, and it could leak. You should reseal the base of your toilet, or it will begin to leak.

Go through your plumbing system and check that all of your valves are working correctly. Have all improperly working, leaking, or rusted valves replaced. Do the same with all of the bolts holding your plumbing system together.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is often overlooked, but it’s vital to maintaining your plumbing system. Use a pressure gauge to ensure that the water pressure in your home is at a safe level. Low water pressure is inconvenient, ineffective, and a possible sign of a clog. High water pressure can seriously strain your plumbing system.

Water Heater

Finally, inspect your water heater and the area surrounding it. Look for leaks, pools of water, and excessive amounts of condensation. Then, look at your water heater’s manual to learn how to remove sediment from your heater. Removal of sediment will help maintain your water heater and extend its lifespan.

Did You Find A Plumbing Problem?

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