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Tips For Maintaining Your Sewer Line

sewer line maintenance
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Nobody wants to have to think about sewer line maintenance, but if you encounter a sewer line blockage, you’ll need to find the right plumber fast! Sewer line maintenance is the best way to prevent sewer blockages but you might be wondering: Where do I start? The reality is that it’s all about prevention – here are the top preventative maintenance tips when it comes to your sewer line.

Go Easy On The Grease

Grease and oil can cause one of the worst sewer blockages. We’re all guilty at times of pouring liquid grease and oil down the kitchen sink. Although it may pour easily down the sink, it begins to harden as soon as it cools. Once it’s cool, it congeals and forms a clog. Instead of pouring grease down the sink, why not pour it into a jar instead? Having a jar nearby makes it easy to decant any excess oil or grease. Once it’s full, you can throw it away in the trash.

Grease can also be stopped by installing a grease receptor under your sink. This will allow water through but prevent grease from entering your sewer system.

Keep An Eye On Tree Roots

Tree roots have a habit of growing into sewer lines. Although this happens slowly, roots have the strength to crack through sewer lines. This is because trees are drawn to sources of moisture. Cracked sewer lines can lead to sewerage leaks as well as sewerage blockages. How do you prevent this? Firstly, it’s best to remove any trees that are planted too close to your sewer line. Failing this, you can pour down copper sulfate around sewer lines to deter tree roots from growing too close.

South Florida can get windy! If you notice any trees with shallow root systems, it’s best to cut them back or remove them. Blown over or uprooted trees can damage your surface covering and your sewer line. If you suspect that you may have a tree root blockage, it’s best to call in the sewer line professionals to help.

Clear Dishes Of Any Leftover Food

Another culprit is food. When we’re cleaning our plates in the sink, it’s easy to let the odd potato skin or carrot go down. Some food items never fit through the drain of your sink trap. Even with the water flowing, some smaller food types can get stuck and cause a blockage. A garbage disposal is a great way to prevent sewer blockages. It’s also good not to assume that your dishwasher will magically deal with all those small pieces of food left on your plates.

Flush Your Drains From Time To Time

It’s a good idea to occasionally open up the taps and flush your drains with running water to help remove any unwanted blockages. Hot running water is a safe method to flush out your drain. Keep in mind that if you already have a blockage, hot water might not clear it out. You may need to call a plumbing technician. Do not pour chemicals down your drains as these can cause damage to your drainage system and end up costing you a lot of money to fix. Don’t underestimate the value of regular sewer line maintenance.

Sewer Line Maintenance In Coral Springs

Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning is the sewer repair professional in Coral Springs. Their team of plumbing experienced plumbing technicians will assess and advise you on the best way forward with your sewer. They’ve been offering South Florida reliable service since 1983. For all your sewer line and rooter concerns, call Art Rooter at 1-833-470-2880.


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