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The Most Bizarre Things Drain Clearing Experts Have Found In Drains

Drain Clearing Experts
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Every profession has its humor, and with drain clearing experts it’s no different. We take our jobs very seriously but sometimes you can’t help your surprise when you find bizarre things causing blockages in a home’s sewage system.

It’s very common to find things such as Q-tips, diapers, feminine hygiene products, and paper towels causing a pipe blockage. Once you’ve flushed it down the drain, it’s gone. You don’t have to see where it travels or how it gets there. But, when flushing these items down the drain, you take a risk as to just how much your drainage system can consistently handle. We set out to see just how bizarre the industry-finds have been and we think you’ll find it equally amusing.

False Teeth

False teeth are one of the most common things found in drains. Because most people store their dentures in the bathroom where they regularly sanitize and brush them, it’s no surprise that they accidentally find their way in the toilet bowl.

An Electric Razor

As with false teeth, you’re likely to store your razor in the bathroom. Add an inquisitive pet into the picture and you’ll find your electric razor down the drain. While drain cleaning experts were investigating the clog, their drain snake hit the power switch on the homeowner’s electric razor and the mystery was solved. The entire toilet started vibrating.

Luxury Watches

Jewelry always seems to find its way into the drainage system. We’ve heard of expensive finds and engagement rings are one of the most common finds in the industry. A cleaner in Essex found 4 luxury watches in a drain that equated to almost $67,000. The brands included an Omega, two Rolex watches, and a Frank Muller watch.

A Live Snake

We can’t imagine the surprise of a homeowner opening their toilet bowl, and having a snake staring back at them. This happened to a man in Australia, where he found a massive 6-foot snake in his toilet. It’s suspected that the snake was living underground in the darkness and came up for some light and fresh air.

A Toy Army

A young boy was playing with his toy soldier army in Illinois. He was practicing deep water rescue techniques with his men and accidentally blocked his homes sewerage system, one solider after the next. Plumbers extracted 15 toys from the drain line, including a few matchbox cars–We have to credit him for his creativity.

Liquor Bottles

That’s right, miniature liquor bottles were found in the drains of a California business. A blockage in the main sewer caused their sinks and toilets to overflow in every bathroom. What they found was evidence of an employee bringing small liquor bottles to work, drinking them and then flushing the bottles down the drain so that his secret was safe. Unfortunately, it drew him more attention than he was originally opting for.

As residential drain clearing experts, we come across the smaller items that tend to find their way into drains. Over in China, a cow was found in the village sewerage system. The cow went missing and the farmer heard sounds coming from underground. A rescue mission ensued to get the cow back to safety.

In Canada, a set of hockey sticks were found in a sewer drain. In 2013, London residents almost caused a total blockage of the city’s sewer system. It was estimated that a bus-sized lump of flushable wipes, combined with other waste materials were found to be causing some issues. That’s why we always say, do not use your toilet as a trash can. There are some things you should never flush down your toilet system.

If you find yourself in a bit of an awkward situation, don’t hesitate to contact us at Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning. We offer emergency drain clearing services and we’ve seen it all. There’s nothing that we won’t tackle. Our goal is to ensure your sewerage system is running efficiently and we’ll do what it takes to achieve this. Give us a call, we’ll clear any drain!


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