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Trade Careers

January 08, 2020

Seasoned Trade Industry Professional Perks

Many companies seem to prefer bringing in younger staff, for various reasons. But Art Plumbing, AC & Electric offers as many perks for seasoned trade industry professionals as it does for those just starting out. Our company is structured in a way that those with…

December 11, 2019

Trade Industry Careers: Why Work At Art Plumbing, AC & Electric? Ask Gregg, The CEO

We’ve all heard the phrase, “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.” While it may seem like an old cliché, we believe it here at Art Plumbing, AC, and Electric. For over 35 years we have not only…

November 09, 2019

New To The Trade Industry? Beginners Start Here!

If you are considering a career as a tradesman, Art Plumbing, AC & Electric is the best place to start! For over 35 years we’ve been in the business of training and mentoring apprentices to become qualified and professional plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians. Why…

October 09, 2019

Uniform Proud – Patriotic to APACE

When we think about uniforms, usually we imagine men and women who serve patriotically in the armed forces, police force, and emergency services like firefighters and EMS. All these people take immense pride in wearing their uniforms. We often overlook uniforms worn by other industries,…

September 18, 2019

Growth Of The Trade Industry Job Market

Many of us have been sold a dream – you must go to college or university in order to land a good job. The white-collar vs blue-collar job debate got to a point where skilled tradesmen were looked down upon for having a blue-collar job…

August 19, 2019

Family First In A Trade Industry Career – The Family Culture Of APACE

Finding a company that puts its employees first can be difficult, especially in the trade industry. Too often large companies put their profits in front of the well-being of their employees. This is what sets Art Plumbing, AC & Electric apart from most other trade…

July 08, 2019

Investing In Our Employees Through Training & Certification

The current economic landscape in the US asks that people consider a career path in the trade industry, particularly for young or mid-career workers looking to make a change. The technology sector can be competitive with a higher-skilled, remote workforce abroad who generally work at…

June 12, 2019

Employee Benefits – We Value Our Team

There are so many benefits to working at Art Plumbing, AC & Electric. We take the happiness of employees seriously and provide an environment that makes you excited about coming to work. Our company strives to make a positive impact on our customers and employees…

May 13, 2019

Light Up Your Career As An Electrician

Art Plumbing, AC & Electric is a family-orientated business that’s been rescuing people from plumbing, electrical and air conditioner troubles since 1983. Looking after the needs of our customers is one of our top priorities, but we also understand that the best way to care…

April 22, 2019

Grow Your Career As A Plumber

At Art Plumbing, AC & Electric we are always looking for new talent to join our seasoned ranks of expert plumbers. From new technicians to experienced tradesmen who have been in the industry for years, we have a place for you. Here’s why you should…