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The Deadly Truth About Mold

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Many of us tend to neglect or take for granted the quality of the air in our homes and offices. We rely so heavily on air conditioning to keep us cool however, we may be putting ourselves in danger by not properly managing our AC systems and air quality. The issue of mold can become a particularly evil one.  With the hot, humid and damp conditions that are prevalent in Florida, mold can be a serious, all-too-common nuisance. It can grow in any climate but these conditions will increase the chances of mold spores cultivating and harming your health.

Generally, people will not be able to see or smell the initial stages of mold growth in their air conditioning. So, unfortunately, you will probably only notice the effects of mold on your health before you notice the mold in your home. A common place for mold to grow is on the coils inside your AC unit. These provide a place for it to grow as well as the necessary darkness and moisture.

Mold can cause rashes, itching, coughing and breathing problems. The health risks should be enough to make you want to do everything you can to prevent mold. But to make matters worse, removing mold from your AC can put a large dent in your wallet. So it is best to take all the necessary steps in ensuring that mold does not even have the chance to start growing.

AC Maintenance – due to the fact that mold is tricky to detect and it’s a serious danger to your health and air quality, air conditioning maintenance is vital. Having a Preventative Maintenance Program such as Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric’s Service Partner Plan will help ensure the best indoor air quality. You will also never have to worry about being left stranded with a broken AC in the middle of summer – maintenance on your AC system also means that all its parts function as they should and this results in an air conditioner that keeps your electricity bills and repairs at a minimum.

Keep Your AC running – another way to prevent mold from growing and harming your indoor air quality is to keep your AC on, even during those cooler months. Many people turn their air conditioning units off (or down) during the cooler months in Florida trying to keep electricity bills low. However, this would most likely end up causing more harm than good and costing you a greater amount than what would have been saved by turning off your AC.

Hot Florida days require an AC unit that is fully functioning. At the same time, your health and indoor air quality are of the utmost importance. You need to ensure that your AC is working properly and that issues such as mold growth are kept at bay. The climate in Florida makes it especially easy for mold to grow. Affordable preventative maintenance plans are there to help you with this vital (and even life-saving) job.


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