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When most of us think about indoor comfort we think of one thing – do I feel cool and comfortable? Then we do something that’s all too common. We go over to the thermostat and adjust it to make it colder. We have trained ourselves for instant gratification with no regard for health or cost. You see, most of us look at our air conditioning system as just another appliance, either it works or it doesn’t. Am I too warm or am I too cold. Let me tell you, there are so many other factors that go into this “appliance”!

Have you ever thought to LOOK UP? Think about it… your ductwork is the other half of your air conditioning system, hell, it’s the most important half and we treat it like a red-headed step child by giving it little to no maintenance or attention at all. Your duct system acts as the arteries of your air conditioning system delivering comfort to each room of your home. So, take a moment and LOOK UP, then LOOK OUT!

Let me hit you with some powerful knowledge. The average air conditioner is replaced every 10 to 12 years. To put that into perspective, if your home is 20 to 50 years of age then your AC system has been replaced at least two to four times. So, what does this mean? We’ve established that your air conditioner is based on two components, so why is the most important component not even looked at or given any respect? Why is the hardest working half of your system ignored and neglected when all it wants to do is keep you comfortable? Well LOOK OUT! A typical duct system loses over 40% of your cooling energy. What, did you say? It loses 40%? Yes, I did.

Leaky ductwork will make your air conditioner work extremely harder and severely lessen its life expectancy. Over 80% of duct systems are not sealed properly from inception. This invites all kinds of hidden dangers that are hiding in your attic and brings them into your home. These can result in many types of mold problems along with numerous health and safety issues. Not to worry, these are common issues that can be fixed with the proper equipment.

Most duct systems can last a very long time provided they are maintained and sealed. Sealing leaky ductwork will save you thousands of dollars over the years in not only cooling costs, but in some cases medical costs.

Duct sealing can be done in different ways, but the most effective and proven method is to seal the ductwork from the inside out using ArtieSeal. This process puts leaking air under pressure and causes a joining of particles to seek out the leaks and stick to the edges of the leaks then to each other until the leak has been sealed completely. ArtieSeal will revitalize your aging ductwork and help it to perform better than new. So when you LOOK UP, you need to LOOK OUT and ask yourself, what is my comfort costing me.


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