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This is a question that is based on TRUST, VERIFICATION, EXPERIENCE, etc., it’s fair to say we could go on and on with the reasons here. The point I want to get across is why most of us just ignore this question when it comes time to making decisions involving contractors in your home, let me explain what I mean.

So the time has come for you to replace your HVAC system, you’ve called in a few contractors to give you some prices and go over some basic information on the equipment. After you have gone over all your estimates you pick what you feel is the right estimate and award the contractor the job. HOW DO YOU KNOW your decision was a good one?

Here is what you should have done. Did you verify the contractor was licensed and insured? Did you take the time to read the Google reviews on that contractor? Did the contractor arrive in a marked company vehicle and uniform? Was he presentable and personable? Did the contractor take the time to ask and answer all your questions and concerns? Did the contractor make sure the new HVAC system you have chosen will perform properly within your parameters of your home?

Fast forward to installation day, the installation crew arrives at your home, they then say hello, but not much else. They ask you to verify their work order and they get to work. This crew is in and out of your home all day, cutting, banging and possibly leaving a mess everywhere they go, and to this point have barely said two words or communicated anything to you. So, my question to you is, HOW DO YOU KNOW they are doing everything correctly or even at all?

Now the installation has been completed and the crew is ready to leave. They show you the new shiny boxes and somewhat cleaned up areas and you feel cold air, so you sign off and they go on their way, but… HOW DO YOU KNOW it was truly installed properly?

The following is what you should have expected. The salesmen would have met the installation crew onsite and properly introduce that crew to you, then the salesman would have shown the crew exactly what was being done in the home and verified the work order with you and the crew so everyone was on the same page. During the installation, the crew would have covered and protected all work areas. The crew should have kept you updated on the progress of the installation and would have never made any alterations before discussing with you the home owner, and the salesman. During the installation you should have received a visit from the installation manager who would have gone over the job with the crew and you to provide you with peace of mind that the installation was or did go smoothly. After the installation was completed the crew would have shown you how to operate your new system and the thermostat, and even shown you how to access and change your filter or filters. After all the work was completed the installation crew should have given you a complete start-up diagnostic form and gone over it with you to ensure the system was running at optimal performance. They would make sure you were completely satisfied prior to leaving.

So, going back to the million-dollar question… HOW DO YOU KNOW? To answer the question, you really don’t, all you have to go on is the TRUST, VERIFICATION, and EXPERIENCE of not only yourself, but your contractor.


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