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Considering A Career As An HVAC Technician?

HVAC technician
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Are you motivated to start your career path as soon as possible, but the traditional path of college and student debt does not appeal to you? If you are technically inclined and have a passion for the trade industry, then an HVAC technician may be a good career choice.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, HVAC technicians are more in demand today than ever. If the opportunity to develop valuable skills, and earn a decent wage while doing so, is appealing, then you should investigate what requirements you need to become an HVAC technician.

What Requirements Are Necessary To Be An HVAC Technician?

No college degree or graduate school is necessary to become an HVAC technician, but that doesn’t mean entry into this profession is easy. The main entry requirements are a hard-working attitude, the understanding that you start at the bottom and work your way up, and the ability to apply yourself to the tasks at hand.

On-the-job training will include technical and professional skills, and graduation from the training will consist of numerous certificates that will allow you to work in various States. Other requirements expected from HVAC technicians include:

  • Being willing to work outdoors and in a variety of conditions. Being an HVAC technician is not an indoor/desk job.
  • Good people skills are vital. You must be able to relate to and interact with the customers. You must have good communication skills, always remain calm and polite, and above all, be honest and trustworthy.
  • You must have the ability to read and understand blueprints. This will be necessary during HVAC installations.
  • You must be able to focus on the task at hand and pay attention to detail. HVAC technicians often work with hazardous material (refrigerants) that could cause injury if not handled correctly. They also work with electrical wiring and other components that need to be handled with care.
  • They must have the ability to troubleshoot. Apart from understanding the fundamentals, HVAC technicians may also need some knowledge of plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and roofing.
  • They must understand sales and be familiar with the latest HVAC technology. Depending on their seniority, they may need to advise clients whether to repair or buy a new HVAC system.
  • They must be physically fit. HVAC technicians often do physically taxing manual labor that requires a basic level of physical fitness.

What Are The Job Opportunities Available To HVAC Technicians?

HVAC technicians deal with all issues concerning heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, so all job opportunities/positions will vary according to their experience in the field. Their positions can be classified as:

  • Entry-level positions
  • Mid-level positions
  • Senior-level positions.

Entry-Level Positions

HVAC technicians with minimal experience in the field will work under the supervision of a more senior technician. Positions that entry-level technicians may occupy include:

  • System technicians
  • Assistant technicians, including refrigeration
  • HVAC maintenance technicians
  • Refrigeration mechanic
  • Air conditioner installer

Mid-Level Positions

Mid-level positions require a few years of hands-on experience in the field and are usually managerial. These positions may include:

  • Maintenance manager
  • Controls technician
  • Service manager

Senior-Level Positions

HVAC technicians, with many years of experience in the industry, including experience in various management positions, could become:

The Benefits Of Being A HVAC Technician

Most HVAC technicians agree that working in this industry is challenging and rewarding. The work is not dull or repetitive, and there are many opportunities to grow and develop in the field. Other benefits include:

Job Stability

There is always a high demand for skilled labor, and unlike other industries, the job is not seasonal. Even in difficult times, being an HVAC technician offers a certain level of job security.

No Student Debt

The advantage of being an HVAC technician is that you get paid while you learn, and you do not incur any student debt.

Competitive Wage

You start earning a salary as soon as you start your training. The wage increases as your level of experience and acquisition of skills grow. Senior HVAC technicians are known to earn a very good salary.

You Stay Physically Fit

HVAC technicians are usually fit and strong. Unlike other, more sedentary professions, HVAC technicians lift, squat, carry and crawl for most of the day.

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