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What To Expect During An Air Conditioning Installation

air conditioning installation
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Either your old AC has breathed its last and it’s time for a replacement, or you want to upgrade to a high-efficiency unit. When you don’t know what to expect during an air conditioning installation, you might imagine a huge mess, many hot days without your AC, and a home full of technicians. We’ve got good news for you! Our team makes the whole process much less daunting.

Read on for what a typical AC installation involves.

Our 5-Step AC Installation Plan

Our team follows a general five-step procedure that makes sure you get the right HVAC product for your needs and that it’s installed correctly with as little disruption to normal life as possible. While each site is unique and may be approached differently, our basic installation plan goes like this:

1. Inspect And Provide An Estimate

Our team will inspect your current system and offer advice on what size and type of AC would work best for your home. We check for damage to the cooling infrastructure and provide estimates.

2. Prepare The Site

On installation day, our technicians assess the area and set up where they’ll be working. Groundsheets are spread to protect the surfaces before they spread out the tools they need. When everything is ready, they’ll turn off the power to the AC system.

3. Indoor Tasks

To remove the old air conditioning equipment, we disconnect the ductwork that circulates the cold air around your home. The control wiring is detached as well as the condensate drain and vents.

The new internal ductwork is connected and sealed. The lines and wiring are connected too. After checking for leaks, we add refrigerant.

4. Outdoor Tasks

The team’s outdoor tasks include disconnecting and removing the existing AC unit. Once that’s done, we’ll check to make sure the surface that the AC unit sits on is level. When the area is ready, the new unit is installed.

If new outdoor piping or ductwork is needed, it is installed and connected. All electrical connection points are checked and repaired. A manufacturer-recommended coolant is added to the unit.

5. Testing And Clean-Up

With the new AC installed and ready to go, our technicians run tests to make sure everything is operating correctly and there are no leaks. We also check any additional features you’ve requested such as UV lights or air purifiers. The site is cleaned up and we remove the old AC unit.

Before leaving, a technician will show you how to operate your new AC and talk you through all the features. As they keep up to date with the latest cooling technology, you can ask them any questions you may have.

Your To-Do List Before Installation Day

While our technicians take care of all the heavy lifting and technical tasks, there are things you can do before the time to make the installation run smoothly. Consider taking steps such as:

  • Securing animals and children away from the work site.
  • Packing away any valuables or fragile items in the area.
  • Moving furniture away from the site to allow for easy access.
  • Scheduling the installation at a time you’ll be home to allow the technicians access to different sections of the AC system throughout your property.

These simple steps help speed up the installation and can prevent damage to your property or belongings.

AC Installation Without The Stress? Call Art!

They say practice makes perfect and we’ve been in this business since 1983. If you’re looking for a hassle-free AC installation experience, call Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric at 1-800-475-1504. We’ll keep you cool, without breaking a sweat!


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