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To Do or Not To Do AC Maintenance This Year is The Question

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You know you’ve done it – procrastinate on household maintenance because it just seems like an unnecessary effort and cost. A common victim on the homeowner’s procrastination list is often AC maintenance. I mean, if it’s not broke why fix it, right? WRONG! The last thing you need is to be without an air conditioner when summer hits in full force.

Air conditioners do more than just cool the air in your home. AC units also ensure that there are no unnecessary particles or debris in the air by filtering out and removing dust particles, odors, and even mites. In some cases, depending on how new your unit is, your AC may automatically adjust the temperature if it “recognizes” that the temperature in the household is becoming too cold or if it is dropping below your set preference.

If you’re not maintaining your air conditioner because you feel that the money is better spent elsewhere, you need to remember that the cost of a brand-new AC unit will definitely put a dent in your budget. Preventative maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your air conditioner.

How Often Should Your AC Be Maintained?

While some companies recommend regular maintenance at least once a year, at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric we believe it’s important to do maintenance more regularly than that. If your AC is constantly running, it’s accumulating a lot of dust and debris in areas that need to be regularly maintained. There are some things you can do yourself, but it is advised that you have a professional technician replace your condenser coils.

Why is Maintenance Important?

Maintenance ensures that your unit is performing in peak condition. There are benefits to having a licensed professional stop by twice a year to do a service, inspection and deep clean of your air conditioner:

  • Prolonging the lifespan of your AC unit.
  • Lower energy usage for the same output, which saves you money on your utility bill each month.
  • Without regular maintenance, your AC unit will lose approximately 5% of its performance capabilities each year.
  • Technicians are able to spot and fix minor problems with your unit before they become a larger and more costly expense to resolve.

Aside from the fact that if you don’t maintain your AC unit it will breakdown from neglect, you will also be left without reprieve from hot summer climates while it gets replaced. And trust us, no homeowner wants to be in Florida without an air conditioner.

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What Will the Technician Check?

There are a number of things that will be checked and kept in working order with AC maintenance:

  • Filters
    While it is possible for you to replace your filters yourself, having a professional do it means it’s one less thing on your list of things to do and you know that your licensed professional will properly clean your filter if it is reusable or replace it if it is not.
  • Coils
    While your filter helps keep the majority of the dirt and debris away from your AC coils, eventually there will be a buildup of dirt on the coil. This dirt hinders the airflow through the AC, which will affect how well your unit cools your household.
  • Condensation Lines
    Your unit does make use of condensation drains to get rid of the excess moisture in the air. These can become clogged which will lead to discoloration of your walls due to the excess moisture in the air.

The above list does not include everything an AC technician will check during a maintenance check, but it does give you an idea of why ac maintenance should be left to the professionals.

If you have any questions or concerns or if you would like to schedule an AC maintenance check, contact us today at 1-800-475-1504!


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