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All the info on AC Filters for South Florida Residents

The filter is one of the most important components of your air conditioner, yet many people don’t know much about them or their purpose. As the name states, AC filters capture and remove most of the larger particles from the air keeping the rest of your air conditioner clean. Although the air in South Florida doesn’t seem to be polluted, it is, in fact, filled with particles like dust, mold and pollen. Your AC filters work around the clock to keep these pollutants out so you can stay cool, fresh and healthy.

In summer, residents of South Florida use their air conditioner on a daily basis to combat the seasonal heat. Regular use requires regular cleaning or replacement of your filter to ensure that your home remains allergy free and your AC remains in good working condition.

Here are some simple DIY filter cleaning and replacement techniques that will help your AC unit run as efficiently as possible.

Step 1: Locate the filter. Most filters are situated behind the vent that pulls in air to the air handler, but rather than poking around, read your owner’s manual to find out where the filter is in your specific AC. Remember to turn the unit off before removing the filter.

Step 2: After successfully removing your filter, check to see if it is the washable kind. If so, follow the instructions on how to wash it, and then replace it carefully in the same space you removed it from (see step 4).

Step 3: If your filter is not washable, you’ll have to replace it. AC filters can be found in most department stores, home improvement stores, specialized AC stores, or can even be ordered online. Before purchasing a new filter, be sure to check the size of your old one. Filters come in varying sizes depending on the specific AC they are made for, so be sure to know the dimensions of yours.

Step 4: Replace the filter in the correct compartment, ensuring that the appropriate side is facing outwards. Make sure you follow the directions on the package. The sides of most filters are marked ‘air-in’ and ‘air-out’.

How Often Do You Need To Change Your AC Filter?
The answer to this really depends on what model you own. If you have an older system, most experts recommend changing the filter roughly once a month. This is because these filters are larger and catch big particles, which can clog the filter up quite quickly. In newer models the filter often only needs to be changed roughly every 3 months. More modern air conditioners have filters that contain a much finer sieve than their older counterparts, effectively trapping more of the smaller particles found in the air we breathe. It is suggested that you still remove and examine your filter monthly.

Every house and its inhabitants are different, so, for example, a family with a large number of pets may need to change their filter more regularly than a household without any animals. Use your discretion to ascertain whether your filter needs replacing; if it is obviously clogged and dirty it needs replacing, regardless of how long you’ve had it.

Make it a habit at the end of every month to have a look at your AC, take out the filter and see if it needs cleaning or replacing. Filters aren’t expensive, and a dirty filter will cost you more in excess electrical charges than a new one will.

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