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New Year, New Filters

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By now you should well know that part of proper AC maintenance means replacing certain vital components of your air conditioners system such as the filter. The question you may be asking though is “why are they such an important air conditioning supply?”

If you’re thinking that the answer lies along the lines of the air current being impeded by dirt or debris – such as pet fur – you wouldn’t be wrong. However, a dirty filter can have a few other severe and costly consequences as well. A blocked or dirty filter reduces the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system as the debris contained within a dirty filter blocks the airflow. This means that it takes longer to cool your home or office. Bear in mind, by replacing the air filter you will make sure that the air breathed in is cleaner and therefore healthier for your home or office air conditioning system. There will be less of an impact on young children or the elderly and those suffering from any form of allergies will be spared an onset of their allergies.

A dirty filter also means that you’re constantly circulating nasty things such as dust, pollen, dust mites, and other particulates in the air. The dirtier your filter is, the less likely the chance you have of preventing other debris from building up elsewhere in your air conditioning system, such as your coils. This will result in costly maintenance repairs or even a complete replacement. By changing your filter you can lower your air conditioners energy usage and increase efficiency by approximately 5% to 15%

There are many different kinds of filters available and each offers different perks but at the end of the day ALL filters need to undergo maintenance and be changed in order to have a safe and efficient functioning AC.

If you’re wondering about how often you should change your filter you need to bear in mind that it depends on various external factors such as the weather. Your air conditioning system needs routine maintenance at least once a year to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Not doing a routine checkup on your system will cause it to underperform and begin costing you an unnecessary amount of money. It is suggested that you replace your filter every month or second month, depending on whether or not you have furry pets – pet fur, dust, and debris will clog up your filter a lot faster than normal.

At Art Plumbing, AC and Electric we have a preventative maintenance program or Service Partner Plan that covers you in case of an unforeseen breakdown of your system. In such instances you’ll receive a rapid response and are guaranteed to receive top-notch priority service without having to pay additional costs for an emergency service. Within this Service Partner Plan a few of the benefits you would receive include a 10% discount on all repairs as well as annual maintenance of your system. Call us today for all your AC and filter needs!


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