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Keep Your Family Cool This Summer With AC Repairs

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Heading into summer with an AC that is limping along is asking for a hot, unhappy, family. Regular AC repairs and maintenance will prevent air conditioning downtime and help your family to keep their cool as the temperatures climb.

An AC that is in good working order is like a carefully rehearsed orchestra, with all the different parts working together to produce a symphony that keeps the audience happy. Just as an orchestra needs each instrument to be perfectly tuned, your AC needs all the separate parts to be well maintained and work together to produce the cool, clean, air that your family needs.

Here are 10 of your AC’s key players and some of the potential issues that can be avoided by a regular AC maintenance schedule.

1. The Neglected Thermostat 

An AC’s thermostat is responsible for regulating the air temperature and keeping you as cool as you choose to be. Common thermostat malfunctions can cause a number of different problems, such as:

  • Not responding when you adjust the temperature.
  • Displaying the wrong temperature.
  • Not shutting the AC down (should you ever need to).

2. Flighty Air Filters

An air filter is a sheet of fiberglass that catches contagions, debris, spores, dirt, and dust before the cooled air leaves the AC. Well-maintained air filters allow clean air to filter back into the room, improving the air quality throughout your home. Neglected air filters tend to get clogged up and will lower the air quality which is especially bad news for any allergy or asthma sufferers.

3. Cantankerous Compressor

This is a common AC repair. The compressor is like the heart of your AC, pumping refrigerant through the coils and allowing heat to be exchanged for cold. If the level of refrigerant drops too low, it will affect the cooling process and will eventually cause the compressor to seize.

4. Leaking Duct Disasters

Your AC is made up of far more than just the main unit. It includes all the ductwork that is in the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home. Any leaks in the ductwork will bleed out the cool air that is aimed at keeping the inside of your home cool, making your air conditioning system less effective.

5. Covert Coolant Leaks 

An AC that isn’t regularly maintained can start leaking coolant which happens to be another common ac repair. This will cause the temperatures to fluctuate and will eventually lead to the AC unit breaking if the source of the leak isn’t found and repaired.

6. Drain Line Drama 

The drain line is a simple PVC pipe that drips water into a pan. While this sounds like an insignificant job, these pipes have a tendency to get clogged up by dirt, dust, and debris. A blockage of this tiny pipe can cause the AC unit to leak, damaging the floor, carpet, and furniture, and eventually causing rust damage to your AC unit.

7. Condenser Coil Chaos

Condenser coils are usually placed outside which makes them dirt magnets. If the dirt build-up on the condenser coils becomes too much, it can lead to a number of problems such as reduced system performance, an increase in energy consumption, and eventually a breakdown of the AC unit.

8. Cranky Capacitors 

Capacitors are small components that get the HVAC motor started and keep it running. If a capacitor burns out and stops working, the motor won’t run, and the AC unit will grind to a halt.

9. Blower Motor Blues

A blower does the invisible, but it has the important job of keeping air flowing through the system and your home. A failed blower motor will cause the AC unit to stop working altogether. Blower motor issues can be caused by faulty bearings, electrical issues, broken blower fan belts, old age, and accumulated dirt.

10. Age-Related Break Down

All things will break or fail given enough time, but regular maintenance will ensure that you get the longest life possible out of each and every component of the entire HVAC system.

HVAC Warning Signs

There are some clear signs that you can keep an eye out for that will let you know when your AC is in need of attention, such as:

  • High energy bills and poor AC performance.
  • Bad odors when the HVAC system is operating.
  • Strange squeaking or squealing sounds from your AC unit.
  • Bumping or banging noises through the system on restart.
  • Tripping breakers related to the HVAC system.

Sneaky HVAC Issues

Not all problems that can cripple your HVAC unit announce themselves before striking. The one sure way to keep your AC in good, working, order is to schedule regular maintenance checks. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric technicians will clean, check, and test all the components that keep your HVAC system working perfectly.

Keep your cool and call us today at 1-800-475-1504 to book your home’s AC maintenance checkup.


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