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How To Clean Your AC Vents

clean your AC vents
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There’s nothing more annoying than an excessive amount of dust in the home. A visible build-up of dust debris around your air conditioning vents, doesn’t look too great either. All it takes to maintain indoor air quality is a little preventative AC maintenance. This not only helps with keeping your home clean but also reduces the risk of respiratory issues. An added bonus is that your AC unit will end up working more efficiently too!

How Often Must I Clean My AC Vents?

So, there are different things you need to do to clean your AC vents, all of which help keep your AC system in the best possible working condition. There are two smaller, monthly tasks and one bi-annual task. With a regular preventative maintenance plan, you can also rely on professional help from an HVAC technician.

Monthly Vent Cleaning Tasks

  • Filters

    It’s so important to change your filter every now and then, but it’s recommended that you change them every 45 to 60 days. Some filters can last at least three months without being changed, but that all depends on your living situation. For instance, if you have pets or live in an area with a high air quality index (AQI), you should consider replacing your AC filter every 30 to 45 days. Pets cause extra dander and debris to float around your home and a high AQI means you live in an area with higher-than-normal air pollution particles. Replacing your filter every 30 days also makes it routine and easier to remember when the filter was last changed.

  • Vents

    Keep in mind before you attack your vents with soap and water, you need to switch your AC off and keep the water at bay. It’s also handy to protect any furniture below the vents by either moving it away or covering it with a plastic sheet. Goggles are also smart and will also help protect your eyes from any dust or debris that falls. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment or make use of a duster or damp cloth to clean your AC vents. A simple dusting should help remove the majority of the build-up. Deep cleaning is only needed bi-annually in most cases. If you live in an area with heavy construction, you may need to do it a little more often.

Bi-Annual Vent Cleaning Tasks

  • Deep Clean Your Vents

    Deep cleaning your AC vents can be tedious. After switching off your AC, you’ll actually remove the vent covers from the wall. Depending on the type of AC vents you have, you may need to unscrew them from the wall. You can then clean the vent covers in your sink or in a tub with hot water and a little bit of dish soap. Keep in mind that you need to be gentle during this process; you don’t want to strip the paint from your vent covers.

The above are a few basic things you can do to clean your AC vents. Keep in mind it’s important to avoid harsh chemicals when deep cleaning your vents. Abrasive cleaners can not only damage your vents, but the smell will linger longer.

All in all, maintaining your own AC can take time away from things you’d rather be doing. A helping hand from Art Plumbing, AC & Electric can help save time for things that really matter to you.

Keep Cleaning Your AC Vents To A Minimum With Professional Help

Having an AC maintenance plan with professional HVAC technicians can make a world of difference. It also means you’ll end up doing less monthly cleaning yourself. Even more, you’ll reap the benefits of knowing exactly what’s going on with your air conditioning system throughout the year. This means it won’t unexpectedly let you down when you need it most. For more information on AC maintenance plans or to schedule an HVAC service, call Art today at 1-800-475-1504!


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