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How The Pros Handle AC Troubleshooting

AC Troubleshooting

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Buying an AC unit is an integral part of owning a home in South Florida, keeping you cool throughout the long summer months. So, if your AC stops working, it can leave you feeling hot under the collar. Fortunately for you, the right technician will be able to handle your AC troubleshooting to correct any problems and provide you with cool air.

What Are the Common AC Problems?

There are a number of basic steps a technician will complete when it comes to troubleshooting your AC system. A troubleshooting generally involves determining what the problem is – some common AC problems are:

  • The AC not working at all
  • The AC runs but is not cooling (or cooling well)
  • The room temperature is too hot or cold
  • Water is leaking from the AC
  • Strange noises coming from the AC
  • The AC not turning off (If the AC won’t turn off, you may be tempted to use its circuit breaker to turn it off. This should not be a continuous situation, as a circuit breaker is not designed to be used like a light switch)

These are some of the common problems you may encounter with your AC, but bear in mind that there can be other issues, which is why it’s important to hire a professional AC company to give you the correct diagnosis. With the right experience and tools, an AC technician has the skills and training to address the problem and ensure that it won’t happen again. Your technician will conduct a proper inspection, and after determining what has happened, will then begin the troubleshooting process to fix it.

How Does a Technician Troubleshoot Your AC?

If your AC is not working completely, typically the first place to inspect is the electrical panel. If it is not receiving power from the panel, your technician will check to see if the problem lies with the AC itself (for example: loose or broken wiring) or if there’s a fault on the circuit or if it has blown a fuse. It’s important that a professional conduct this inspection, as they’ll know what to look out for as well as how to handle the situation as safely and carefully as possible. Their troubleshooting inspection will include resetting the overloads and switches, adjusting the settings on the thermostat, resetting the condensate overflow switch and inspecting the capacitor and contactor in the compressor.

If the AC runs but is not cooling the air, the problem could be something blocking or limiting the air flow somewhere within the system. This could be the air filters, the compressor or the registers. Your technician will troubleshoot the AC by:

  • Turning the power source off
  • Cleaning out the filter or changing it
  • Removing any ice that might have formed on the coils
  • Adjusting the refrigerant level (which your technician may need to recharge)
  • Cleaning out the condensate drain
  • Cleaning the outdoor compressor

All these steps require a knowledge of how an AC unit works and should always be left to an AC technician.

A professional tip is to replace your AC filters monthly, which can help delay the onset of problems, as many of the above situations are often caused by reduced air flow due to dirty filters, coils, or fans that don’t work at full capacity.

As air conditioners remove moisture from the air, they can create a lot of condensation – especially common in very humid climates like South Florida. Most ACs will have a drain pipe, which over time can develop algae and become blocked. If this happens, the AC will stop working. This can also lead to the air conditioner leaking, another common problem that your technician is able to fix.

Keep your cool throughout the year with a well-functioning AC serviced by a professional. For all your AC, plumbing and electrical needs, call us at: 1-800-475-1504 today.

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